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Prepared Testimony of
Melody H. Fennel
Assistant Secretary for Congressional
and Intergovernmental Relations - Designate
before the Senate Committee on
Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs

Washington, DC
July 26, 2001

Chairman Sarbanes, Senator Gramm, and Members of the Committee:

It is my pleasure to introduce my mother Mary Lee Fennel, and my brother Mark Fennel. I have been blessed with a family that has made many told, and even more untold, sacrifices for me.

I am deeply grateful to President Bush and Secretary Martinez for according me the honor of this nomination. I anticipate the charge for which I have been nominated with great humility. Chairman Sarbanes, I thank you for your willingness to consider me for confirmation and for supporting the nominations process during such a busy time.

Members of the Committee, I sit before you with true admiration, as a staff aide that has witnessed your steadfast dedication to your principles and the pursuit of what you believe is right for our fine Nation. I sit before my staff director and colleagues on both sides of the aisle with great respect for their ethics, their commitment to public service, and their strength of spirit. Senator Allard, it has been a privilege to serve you as you presided over complex housing issues with alacrity. Senator Gramm, my wise leader, I sit before you with great appreciation for the honor of having represented you. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving you and the American people. I only hope that I will continue my service with your badge of courage upon me.

In 1780, Abigail Adams wrote to her son, who later became our sixth President, "�Justice, humanity and benevolence are the duties you owe to society�". If confirmed, it would be my duty to assist the President and the Secretary in the provision of this justice - a justice that proffers help to our citizens whom are truly in need, and assures that the monies from those that give are used honestly and efficiently. To ensure this, a close relationship between the executive and legislative branches is essential - and while there is of course an important separation between the two, there also exists a natural concomitance. If confirmed, I personally pledge to you that the Administration's housing and community development proposals will be presented to Congress in an open and forthright manner - in order to ensure the full opportunity for a comprehensive dialogue.

In closing, I offer my thanks to God, to his name be the glory. Thank you.

Last modified: July 27, 2001
Content Archived: March 17, 2010
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