FY 2007 SuperNOFA

Electronic submission continues to be mandatory except for the Continuum of Care (CoC) unless the applicant receives a written waiver of this regulatory requirement. Procedures for obtaining a waiver will be contained in Section IV, Application and Submission Information, of the General Section. The CoC NOFA is the only program within the SuperNOFA that permits paper application submission.

In order to apply electronically, you must be registered. HUD has prepared a Step by Step: Your Guide to Registration Brochure to assist you in the process of registering for the first time and the process of renewing current registeration. The Find/Apply Brochure provides further assistance to find and apply for grants. HUD has also prepared a Desktop Users Guide for submitting Electronic Grant Applications. This Guide provides detailed step-by-step screen shots of the Grants.gov registration, and the Find/Apply process.

Due to the mandatory on-line submission, each funding opportunity will be posted on Grants.gov. Applicants must download both the Application Instructions and the Application Package. The Instructions Download is a zipped file containing .pdf, doc, and excel files that are not available in the Application Package Download.

Grants Available under the 2007 SuperNOFA

In 2007, most HUD grant programs are consolidated in one SuperNOFA. Requirements that apply to all programs are identified in the General Section. Program specific requirements and submission dates are published in each Program NOFA. Please be sure you read BOTH the General Section and the Program NOFA, as instructions may have changed considerably.

Important Submission Tip Related to Zip files.

In order to reduce the size of attachments, applicants can compress several files using a ZIP utility. Applicants can then attach the zipped file to the application package. HUD's standard zip utility is WinZip. Files compressed with a WinZip utility must use either the "Normal" option or "Maximum (portable)" option available to ensure that HUD is able to open the file. Files received using compression methods other than "Normal" or "Maximum (portable)" cannot be opened and will not be reviewed. Applicants should be aware that if HUD receives files compressed using another utility, or not in accord with instruction from the General Section, it cannot open the files and therefore, they will not be reviewed.

Important information regarding Grants.gov

Microsoft Vista and Word 2007 Users

Please note that Grants.gov does not currently support the new Microsoft Vista Operating system. The PureEdge software used by Grants.gov for forms is not compatible with Vista. Grants.gov will be reviewing this new product to determine if it can be supported in the future.

In addition, the new version of Microsoft Word saves documents with the extension .DOCX. The Grants.gov system does not process Microsoft Word documents with the extension .DOCX. When submitting Microsoft Word attachments to Grants.gov, please use the version of Microsoft Word that ends in .DOC. If you have any questions regarding this matter please email the Grants.gov Contact Center at support@grants.gov or call 1-800-518-4726.

On-line Submissions

Paper Submission

Important Information Related to the SuperNOFA

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