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BuyBack America - 
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fact sheet

What is BuyBack America?
Secretary Cuomo is launching BuyBack America, the largest nationwide campaign to buy back unwanted guns and raise awareness about the importance of gun safety. Already, eighty-four communities from across the country have pledged their commitment to saving lives by signing up to participate in this initiative. Utilizing HUD funds, Public Housing authorities are partnering with local governments, police and sheriff's departments to buy back unwanted guns, taking them off the streets and out of the hands of criminals and children. In exchange for the guns, local officials provide either cash or gift certificates for food, toys, or other goods. Local merchants, who recognize the significant benefits of the initiative, are enthusiastic in their support, donating additional items to people who turn in their guns.

Why Buy Back Guns?
Public safety is key to economic revitalization and community empowerment, which stand at the center of HUD’s mission. Buybacks allow people to take personal responsibility for reducing gun violence and promote safety in their own communities. Taking guns off the streets will help reduce the terrible toll of gun violence. In the United States today—600 deaths and 1,800 injures occur every week in gun crimes, accidents and suicides. As President Clinton has said, "Every gun turned in through a gun buyback program means potentially one less tragedy."

How is HUD Helping?
This targeted violence reduction effort is funded through HUD's Public Housing Drug Elimination Program, which is designed to help local communities combat crime in and around public housing developments. Millions in funds have been made available specifically for gun buybacks. The funds are awarded for gun buybacks on a first-come, first-serve basis, to housing authorities who then partner with local governments and police departments to sponsor the buybacks.

What Happens with the Guns?
All guns purchased with HUD funds are destroyed, unless they are found to be stolen or are needed for ongoing law enforcement investigations. Any stolen weapons collected will be returned to their lawful owners. Local law enforcement agencies will recover, track, and dispose of guns in strict accordance with nationally-defined procedures, such as tracing of guns through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the National Crime Information Center.

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