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Issue 1

First Issue of Community Builders on the Front Line
At 900 strong, Community Builders now represent a significant presence at HUD – both in terms of sheer numbers and in terms of the fantastic work CBs are engaged in across the country.
Debut of Community Builders Roundtable
The National Office of the Community Builder Fellowship created and launched the "Community Builders Roundtable" on April 14 to offer Community Builders national and local insight into issues affecting the communities HUD serves.

Community Builders Roundtable

Community Builders, Public Trust Officers Help Families Recover, Communities Rebuild
Community Builders and Public Trust Officers sprung into action following the May 3rd tornadoes which ripped through communities in and around Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Wichita, Kansas, leaving devastation in their tracks.
Community Builders Add a New Twist to National Home Ownership Week 1999
From June 5th through 12th, hundreds of communities across the country will host events to highlight the importance of homeownership. This year’s theme is "Make the American Dream a Reality."

Home Ownership

Partnership Helping Muncie Improve Resident Participation in Community Development
The City of Muncie, Indiana needed a way to increase its local capacity to address community needs. Ball State University had a ready supply of 22 energetic and talented undergraduate students. The question remained, "how do you connect the two?"
Community Builders gather to learn from each other
In two regions of the country, Secretary’s Representatives have led retreats designed to introduce new Fellows and share knowledge and ideas among all HUD Community Builders.

learning from each other

Maryland Community Builders Hold Fair Housing Summit Fair Lending Agreement Unveiled
Nearly 200 community members convened for Maryland’s Summit on Fair Housing on April 21st. The summit was co-sponsored by the Baltimore Urban League and HUD’s Maryland Office.

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