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February 2014

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Note from the Regional Administrator
Ophelia B. Basgal

Evidence-based HUD and most of the Executive Branch agencies are making significant progress meeting established priorities according to the Office of Management and Budget.

Evidence-based practices like those used in the private sector are focusing agency managers on regular data-driven reviews. HUD's efforts to provide early intervention for people at risk of home foreclosures is one example of success. From 2010 to 2013 HUD increased the number of households it could assist in the early stages of mortgage delinquency by 31 percent.

OMB Cites Progress on Agency Performance Goals: Government Executive (

Executive branch meets most of its performance goals: Washington Post (

Secretary Shaun Donovan in Las Vegas

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan visited Las Vegas on February 11 to speak on the community benefits of the Affordable Care Act. He participated in a roundtable discussion that covered a number of topics that highlighted capacity and limited resources that some communities have to overcome to make the Affordable Care Act a true benefit to the citizens of their community.

Las Vegas Affordable Care Roundtable: Secretary Donovan in Las Vegas

Housing Collaborative is First from San Diego

HUD announced that Housing Opportunities Collaborative (HOC) in San Diego is the first housing counseling collaborative agency of its kind. HOC uses an innovative technology approach to connect the public to services offered by its partner agencies. This will be San Diego's first HUD-approved Housing Counseling Intermediary.

Housing Opportunities Collaborative: Virtual-Strategy Magazine (

Strong Cities, Strong Communities an Effective Model for Collaboration

The Obama Administration's Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) received a strong endorsement from Fresno mayor Ashley Swearingen. Fresno was one of the first seven SC2 cities named in 2011. Mayor Swearingen said that Fresno has found that SC2 is an effective model for local government to work better with the federal government. HUD, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Administration have worked collaboratively on SC2 with Fresno.

SC2 a Success in Fresno: The Fresno Bee

Set-Aside Funding Availability for Project-Basing HUD-VASH Vouchers

HUD recently announced the availability of a set-aside of approximately $7 million in HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) funding that will support approximately 1,000 units of project-based voucher (PBV) assistance. These PBVs will enable homeless veterans to access affordable housing with an array of supportive services.

Interested public housing authorities may submit an application for one project. The PHA must submit form HUD-52515, Funding Application, Section 8 Tenant-Based Assistance, Rental Certificate Program, Rental Voucher Program.

Application/Section Dates

  • Publication Date: Feb 4, 2014
  • Application Date: May 5, 2014
  • Anticipated Section Date: Aug 4, 2014 

Project Readiness Dates

  • Existing Housing Ready for Occupancy: Oct 2, 2014
  • New Construction or Rehab AHAP signed within 6 months: Feb 3, 2015
  • New Construction or Rehab AHAP signed within 12 months: Aug 3, 2015 

PIH Notice 2014-03 (HA): Set-Aside Funding Availability for Project-Basing HUD-VASH Vouchers

HUD form 52515: Funding application

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