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". . .Much progress remains to be made in our Nation's continuing struggle against racial isolation. In striving to achieve our "historic commitment to creating an integrated society" we must remain wary of policies that reduce homeowners to nothing more than their race. But since the passage of the Fair Housing Act in 1968 and against the backdrop of disparate-impact liability in nearly every jurisdiction, many cities have become more diverse. The FHA must play an important part in avoiding the Kerner Commission's grim prophecy that "[o]ur Nation is moving toward two societies, one black, one white—separate and un- equal. The Court acknowledges the Fair Housing Act's continuing role in moving the Nation toward a more integrated society. . ." --Justice Anthony Kennedy writing ( for the majority in Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs et al v. Inclusive Communities Project, Inc., et al, v June 25, 2015. (Joined by Justices Ginsberg, Breyer, Sotomayor & Kagan)

"Today is another important step in the long march toward fulfilling one of our nation's founding ideals: equal opportunity for all Americans. The Supreme Court has made it clear that HUD can continue to use this critical tool to eliminate the unfair barriers that have deferred and derailed too many dreams. Working with our partners on the ground, we will continue to do all we can to build a housing market that treats all Americans with basic dignity and respect."—HUD Secretary Julián Castro welcoming the Supreme Court's decision in Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs et al v. Inclusive Communities Project, Inc., et al, , June 25, 2015

Helping survivors survive
As you'll see below - in CONFOUND-ONOMICS - the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has conducted yet another study demonstrating yet again how confusing "reverse" or home equity conversion mortgages can be for borrower who want to use the product to insure a steady flow of income in retirement. Even worse, however, reverse mortgages can create heartbreak for a spouse who didn't "sign on the dotted line" and survives the spouse who did. Simply put, that non-borrowing survivor is at serious risk of losing their home. It's something FHA - the Federal Housing Administration - never intended nor wants to have happen. Which is why it recently issued Mortgagee Letter 2015-15 to substantially reduce the risk by expanding options that will allow non-borrowing survivors to stay in their homes by allowing FHA lenders to "assign an eligible HECM to HUD despite the death of the last surviving borrower and regardless of the loan's unpaid principal balance" on mortgages with case numbers assigned on or before August 14, 2014. Last year, FHA provided similar options for HECM mortgages assigned after that date. The effective date of ML2015-15 is June 13, 2015.

Tripling-down on affordable housing
HUD issues new guidelines to "offer more options for owners seeking to improve their properties" as it moves forward with Congressionally-authorized expansion of Rental Assistance Demonstration initiative from 60,000 to 185,000 affordable units by using HUD project-based rental vouchers to help leverage significant new capital investments in maintaining and upgrade housing stock.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson awards Washington State Housing Finance Commission $807,788 for stepped-up housing counseling in Spokane, Pierce & Clark counties using proceeds from Attorney General's 2015 settlement with Standard & Poor's Financial Services LLC resolving allegations the firm had "misled investors" prior to the financial crisis. . .ARCH Community Housing Trust starts construction of three, single-family homes in Bellevue, Idaho, the first affordable single-family homes in Blaine County since 2009, says KMVT-TV. . .The 15 graduates of Tulalip Tribal Employment Rights program not only had diplomas to show for it, reports Marysville Globe (, but also two "tiny houses" they'd built and have donated to a homeless encampment in Seattle. . .Juneau Housing First, reports The Empire (, awarded some $4 million in capital and operating funds by Alaska Housing & Finance . .Capitol Hill Housing celebrates grand-reopening of 108-year-old Haines Apartments Washington Housing Trust Fund & Seattle Tax Levy-funded renovation of its 30 affordable units. . .Vegetables grown on the green roof atop LIHI's newly-opened University Commons ( affordable housing complex in will be distributed via the University District Food Bank that, along with a shelter for runaway young people, will make its home on the ground floor. . .Catholic Housing Services of Yakima Valley breaks ground (, says Yakima Herald, for $11 million, 51-unit affordable apartment building on `1-acres newly-annexed by City of Prosser. . .Habitat for Humanity of Tacoma & Pierce County donates 350 gallons of paint to Associated Ministries' Paint Tacoma-Pierce Beautiful program which, now entering its 4th decade, says Suburban Times (, has helped more than 2,100 families spruce-up their homes. . .Cold Climate Housing Research Center tells Fairbanks News Miner ( that 2014 Alaska Housing Assessment found that Fairbanks households are spending a lot of money on energy, averaging $8,100 per year per home for heating, hot water and electricity" or 3 times what Anchorage residents spend and "nearly four times the national average". . .USDA's Rural Energy for America (
RT&parentnav=LATEST_RELEASES&edeployment_action=retrievecontent) program awards grants to 11 efficient & renewable energy projects in Idaho, 14 in Oregon & 15 in Washington State. . .Federal Way Mayor Jim Ferrell & Multi-Service Center break ground for 33-units veterans housing center with units, says The Mirror (, HUD VASH rental assistance vouchers. . .Oregon Governor Kate Brown attends the grand reopening of The Julian affordable housing in downtown Corvallis and likes so much what she sees, says Gazette Times (
5ce8-b394-4ec876d15690.html?hootPostID=d5dc20d5622fc13da7b0a7cdfdcba3f3), she urges Legislature to allocate an additional $100 million to affordable housing. . .With 20 houses already completed since 2011, says KTVA-TV ( says, Habitat for Humanity lays foundations for last 3 homes in new east Anchorage subdivision. . .HUD economists "take a glance" (,%202015) at the state of Northwest housing sector as of July 1st.

Wonder where it's in fullest bloom?
What's the most diverse city in the United States, CNN wondered. L.A.? Chicago? New York? Nope, it concluded. America's most diverse community, it says, is the Mountain View neighborhood of Anchorage, and whose remarkable revitalization has been strongly supported by HUD. See all CNN ( says it's got to offer!

National Disaster Resilience Competition Picks Finalists
To the states of Alaska, Oregon & Washington for being among the 40 government entities selected as finalists in the National Disaster Resilience Competition to, as Secretary Castro says, "prepare for the challenges of tomorrow" including natural disasters resulting from climate change and extreme weather. Launched last year, winners in the Competition will receive funds from HUD's Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery program authorized by Congress in 2013 for "implementation of innovative resilience projects to better prepare communities for future storms and other extreme events." A total of $1 billion will be awarded of which $181 million is set aside for projects in New York and New Jersey as part of the recovery from Hurricane Sandy. In phase 2 of the Competition, the 40 finalists will propose specific projects that advance their community's comprehensive resilience plans with a maximum single award of $500 million. HUD expects to announce the winners in early 2016.

Sustainability in practice
So what's "sustainability" look like on-the-ground, in-the-community in the Evergreen State? Washington State Housing Finance Commission's Kim Herman - and a few friends - including Dena Harris of the Washington Department of Commerce, Alistair Jackson of O'Brien & Company, Bryan Ketcham & Holly Anderson of Catholic Charities Housing Services, Joel Sisolak of Capitol Hill Housing, Richard Loo of Bellwether Housing & Aaron Fairchild of Green Canopy Homes - offer some concrete examples of the how's and why's of making sustainable sense in the latest edition of Kim's My View (

And you thought your phone was smart?
Okay. Everybody knows the how's, what's and why's of smart phones. But what about smart buildings. Thanks to a collaboration formed by the Puget Sound Regional Council you'll find more and more of them in Seattle area. In fact, the Puget Sound region is a national, even world leader combining computer technology with building technology to make our buildings almost as smart as, well, your smart phone. Maybe even smarter. See why (

One-stop smarts for housing counselors
Are you a HUD-approved housing counselor looking for everything you need to know to help owners, buyers and renters address their housing needs? Well, visit HUD's brand-new Web page just for you and your fellow housing counselors. It'll keep you as up-to-date as up-to-date can be.

Supporting smart decisions
HUD has awarded another $81,077 to seven HUD-approved housing counseling agencies in Idaho, Oregon & Washington State, an 18.5 percent increase over the $437,695 they were awarded competitively earlier this year. Organizations receiving the supplemental funding included Idaho Housing & Finance Association, Community Connections of Northeast Oregon, the Housing Authority of Yamhill County, NAYA Family Center in Portland, NEDCO in Springfield, Open Door Counseling in Hillsboro, South Sound Outreach in Tacoma and the Washington State Housing Finance Commission. During the first nine months of the current Federal fiscal year, almost 680,000 families nationwide sought counseling assistance - usually provided by HUD-approved counselors at no cost. They "play a critical role," said HUD Northwest Regional Administrator Bill Block, in helping tenants, homebuyers and homeowners "make smart, informed decisions."

What the numbers show
But let's assume for a moment that you're a skeptic, one of those folks who thinks "hogwash" anytime a government agency says something it's doing is "smart." Like, for example, when HUD says housing counseling is "a smart investment." Do the numbers support or refute our claim? That's what Elliot Njus of The Oregonian ( wanted to know. So he called the Oregon Department of Justice which, since 2013, has managed the state's foreclosure which, he says, "gives homeowners an opportunity meet with their loan servicer to discuss ways to avoid a foreclosure." What, he asked, do the numbers look like? Start with the bad news - mediation hasn't helped every at-risk homeowner deep into the foreclosure process hold onto their home. "Nearly 1,900 of the conferences," he reports, "end with a continued path toward foreclosure" and, even more disappointing, "more than 15,000 cases — a number somewhat inflated by double-filings — the homeowner declined to participate or didn't respond to the initial notice." A failure, you say? Not so fast. Because, he adds, "through May of this year, more than 1,700 Oregonians reached agreements with their bank through the program, and nearly 1,500 got to stay in their home. At least 500 cases more were withdrawn when the homeowner and lender reached an agreement on their own. So what's the score? 1,900 end in failure while more than 3,000 successfully complete the process. Smart or stupid, half-full or half-empty? Before choosing, here's one more number for you - "97 percent of these folks, Njus adds, "say they would recommend" the state's mediation program "to someone in a similar situation."  

Deciphering non-sense
Speaking of reverse mortgages, focus groups held recently by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have found that consumers, after viewing ads for reverse mortgages consumers "were confused about reverse mortgages being loans, and they were left with false impressions that they are a government benefit or that they would ensure consumers could stay in their homes for the rest of their lives." You'd be confused too. Visit ( too.

On the 50th anniversary of USDA's Self Help Housing Program, says Homer News (, RurALCAP cuts the ribbon on 50th house it's built on Kenai Peninsula of the 50,000 USDA's program has supported. . .Intermountain Fair Housing, says Boise State Public Radio (, is looking at allegations that Pocatello landlords have violated Fair Housing Act by charging "higher deposits and advanced rent to Idaho State University students from Middle Eastern countries" because ""tend to set up hookahs in the middle of living areas in apartments so they can smoke, and the devices burn holes in the carpet". . .Washington State departments of health & labor issue ( new standards for farm worker housing, most of which to go in effect January 1st. . .HUD renews Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS/HIV to Alaska Housing Finance Corporation to enable it to provide affordable housing & supportive services to more than 100 Alaskan households. . .Oregon Housing & Community Services' Margaret Van Vliet reports ( that Governor Kate Brown has signed HB 3442 "updating our policy and governance structure". . .Seattle Times' Paul Dorpat ( calls Capitol Hill Housing's Silvian Apartments "particularly fine example" of "preserving neighborhood character". . .Washington Governor Jay Inslee ( names Bellingham, Tukwila, Lacey, Tacoma, Bremerton & Renton as 2010 Smart Communities that offer "forward-thinking projects help create and sustain a thriving economic climate and strengthen our ability to lead in the global economy". . .Zillow ( says that "in most larger markets" even hiking minimum wage to $15 an hour won't make tight housing markets any less tight. . .Seattle Mayor Ed Murray selects, says Seattle Times (, three "preferred" city-owned sites in Ballard, Interbay & Industrial District as encampments for up to 200 homeless. . .CBH Homes & Nampa Habitat for Humanity, reports Idaho Statesman, start - and finish - construction of home in just 2 days. . .Founders of "ground-breaking" Opportunity Village buys vacant parcel in Eugene for a 15-unit "micro-unit" development to be called Emerald Village, says Register Guard. . .Among more than 230 people who attended two public hearings & 300 on-line surveys, Coeur d'Alene community development & planning director Hillary Anderson tells The Press ( "there was no one that said "we don't want revitalization" of East Sherman area of city. . .USDA reports (
NEWS_RELEASE&navtype=RT&parentnav=LATEST_RELEASES&edeployment_action=retrievecontent) use of Food Stamps "at roadside farm stands, farmers markets and directly from local farmers "has increased "nearly six-fold" since 2008

HUD has set a July 27th deadline for public & Tribally-designated housing authorities with existing Family Self Sufficiency programs to apply for a total of $75 million in Family Self Sufficiency funds. There program is intended to enable the organizations assist public housing and Housing Choice Voucher households to "to increase earned income and financial literacy, reduce or eliminate the need for welfare assistance, and make progress toward economic independence and self-sufficiency. "There is a $59,000 ceiling on project awards. See FR-5900-N-04 (

On June 16th the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation began accepting registrations ( from eligible entities and professionals that will permit them to apply for funding to construct, acquire and/or rehabilitate housing for teachers, health professionals & public safety officials in designated specified "small communities (" in Alaska. The AHFC funding is intended to "to fill the gap between a project's capacity to carry debt and the total development cost of the project, given reasonable expenses for the project." The registration period will close on July 20th. Registration is required to be eligible to be invited, on or about July 31st, as an eligible and qualified applicant for the funding. Since its inception in 2004, AHFC's Teacher, Health Professional and Public Safety Housing Program has funded 448 housing units in 74 communities across Alaska. Approximately $10 million will be available this year. In its 2014 funding competition, AHFC received $24 million in funding requests.

Oregon Housing & Community Services has set a September 4th application deadline for $28 million in 2015 gap financing with "soft set-asides" for construction, acquisition or rehabilitation of affordable multifamily housing projects of 35 units or less, to correct construction defects in projects that previously have received allocations or to construct, acquire or rehabilitate group homes targeted to special needs populations. Visit (

Oregon Housing & Community Services also has set an August 21st deadline to apply for $3 million in Veterans Multifamily Housing Funds to acquire, rehabilitate or construct "small, community-oriented projects" serving veterans and provide "appropriate supportive services to the target population." The competition is statewide. Visit (

Oregon Housing & Community Services also has set a December 31st deadline to apply for a total of $9 million - no more than $3 million per project - in Manufactured Dwellings Park Preservation funds. The program is intended to help "eligible manufactured dwelling parks, mobile home park resident groups, or qualified non-profits in gaining control over rising rents and/or provides a way to take control when park owners are considering closing the Park." Visit (

Acknowledging that its name is "not something that just rolls off the tongue," Lake City Development Corporation in Coeur d'Alene is changing its name to ignite cda ("). . .Mayor Murray names ( Kathy Nyland new director of Seattle's Department of Neighborhoods & Jessica Finn Coven as director of Office of Sustainability & Environment. . .Treasury's Community Development Financial Institution Program awards ( Portland's National Community Development Fund $65 million in New Markets Tax Credits. . .J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation tells Forbes ( readers why it likes the "return" it's gotten on grant funds awarded to Seattle Housing Authority's revitalization of Yesler Terrace. . .International Sustainability Institute's Alley Network project in Seattle's Pioneer Square named one of first three winners nationally of HUD's new Innovation of the Day awards. . .REACH CDC's Orchard at Orenco Station & Hacienda CDC's Mercado win Portland Business Journal ( Building Bricks awards. . .National Community Fund of Portland Capitol Hill Housing celebrates grand reopening of 110-year-old, 30-unit Haines Apartments ( in Seattle after its first renovation since 1974. . .Garden City Mayor John Evans, City Councilman Bill Mitchell, & Deanna Watson, the head of the Boise City/Ada County Housing Authority, join Boise State Public Radio ( for community conversation on affordable housing in one of Idaho's fastest-growing cities. . .A 26-year veteran of the Downtown Emergency Service Center, Daniel Malone "steps up" to succeed Paul Hobson as its new executive director. . .Urban Institute study for HUD finds that people who are deaf or who use wheelchairs are at a statistically significant disadvantage when it comes to the number of homes they are informed about" when attempting to buy a house. . .Washington State Departments of Health & of Labor & Industries, says Capital Press (, issue new standards on farm worker housing to take effect come January. . .Catholic Community Services of Western Washington breaks ground, says Everett Herald (, breaks ground for Filbert Avenue Veterans Housing to provide 20 units of housing to chronically homeless veterans in Lynwood. . .Idaho Statesman says Ada County homeless summit "yields ray of hope" state government may step up its efforts to end homelessness. . .Union Labor Retirement Association close on deal to secure $44 million in Federal & private finance to preserve Westmoreland's 300-unit, 49-year-old Union Manor in southeast Portland," Oregon's largest affordable housing project for low-income seniors," says Oregonian ( . .Seattle Office of Civil Rights files housing discrimination charges, reports Seattle Times (, against 13 rental complexes with some 2,800 units, "including large, sleek new developments in hot neighborhoods like Ballard and South Lake Union. . .Yakutat Tlingit Tribe raises totem pole to commemorate, says Juneau Empire (, its long relationship with and the 60th anniversary of the Rasmuson Foundation. . .Washington Department of Financial Institutions ( charges Quicken Loans with "false advertising targeting service members". . .Home Forward ( of Portland offers 50 more apartments for veterans experiencing homelessness as vacancies occur in its portfolio over the next six months.

"If you're not part of the solution. . ."
There's "more than one way to skin a cat," goes the saying. "50 ways to leave a lover," says the song. And, says a May, 2015 study ( by Seattle University's Homeless Rights Advocacy Project, 288 new ways Washington State communities have found to "criminalize" homelessness since 2000.

Following the money
So what, you wonder, has Treasury's Community Development Financial Institutions New Market Tax Credits Program been doing with itself? Lots, it reports (, like, from 2003 through 2013, competitively awarding some $40 billion in tax credits to help distressed areas leverage private investments in more than 9,000 community and economic development projects, including 500 in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington. Those are the raw numbers and they're impressive. But now Treasury's CDFI wants to hear from you about how it can do even better with listening tour events scheduled in San Francisco, Denver, Chicago & New York in July and San Francisco. Got views you want to share? Here's how to attend (

Efficiency for all
"In the United States," writes The Oregonian's ( Elliott Njus, " the super-energy-efficient "Passive House" standard is still largely an extravagance." Not so, however, at North America's "the largest passive-house apartment building," the "super energy-efficient" Orchards at Orenco Station "officially" opened in Hillsboro in July by REACH CDC. With rents from $611 to $733 a month, he says, it's "not a showpiece for wealthy residents" but "for some of the region's poorest households." Who said energy-efficiency can't be efficient for everyone?

Honoring those who've served
"If you served our country, then we will serve you. No questions asked about length of service or how you left." - U.S. Senator Patty Murray in The Olympian, June 29th, announcing she will introduce legislation that would require "the Department of Veterans Affairs to help former troops regardless of whether they left the military with an honorable discharge."

Anchorage's new mayor puts housing first
"My priority is to be fiscally responsible and reorganize the Administration to put an emphasis on planning and community development. The people of Anchorage want to see housing and economic development move forward quickly and in a way that reflects a vision for a strong Anchorage." Anchorage Mayor-elect Ethan Berkowitz, June 11th, on KSKA-FM ( naming Susan Fleek-Green as his chief of staff, Lance Wilber as director of management & budget & Chris Schutte as director of economic & community development when the Mayor takes office July 1st.

"I write on the sorrowful occasion of the racist and terrorist murder of nine people at the Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in your city of Charleston. The victims include Mrs. Cynthia G. Hurd. Among her many gifts to your community, we read that Mrs. Hurd was a Commissioner of the Charleston Housing Authority. On behalf of the Board of Commissioners of the Tacoma Housing Authority, I write in sadness and solidarity to let you know that we are thinking of you. We do not know each other, and we are far away. Yet from across the country we can recognize in you, the Charleston Housing Authority, and in Mrs. Hurd, a mission like our own. We engage in the same struggle to overcome the same history, and hold the same faith that this housing work we all share is part of that struggle, and critical to its chances. Certainly, this is a hard time for you, your fellow commissioners, and the staff of the Charleston Housing Authority. To the extent that our assurance would be of any comfort to you all, please know that all of you stand clearly in the thoughts of your colleagues from Tacoma, Washington." - A letter to Henry Williams, chair of the Charleston Housing Authority from Stanley Rumbaugh, chair of the Tacoma Housing Authority, June 25.

Do entitlements ever end?
If you been in or around government for any length of time you've probably heard the charge. "Once someone gets on Food Stamps Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, SSI or any other "entitlement" they never get off!" It's why some say we ought to be rid of all these entitlements why others say government doesn't work because government makes people dependent. The question, of course, is whether the charge is true, whether once people get on, they never get off. Which is what makes a recent U.S. Census Bureau report - Dynamics of Economic Well-Being: Participation in Government Programs 2009-2012,: Who Gets Assistance? ( - So interesting. It looks at participation in a number of Federally-assisted programs - Food Stamps, SSI, TANF, Medicaid and Housing Assistance. To the question at hand, it found that 43.1 percent of all of those who participated in one or more of these programs did so for between 37 and 48 months (3 and 4 years). That 43.1 percent sort of supports the "once on, never off" contention. On the other hand, it found that 56.9 percent participated for 36 or fewer months in one or more of these programs, including 31.2 percent who participated for a year or less. That 56.9 percent seems to argue for a "once on, soon off" theory. Maybe even more intriguing is that the program many critics think most likely to foster "never off" life styles is TANF - "welfare," if you like. Interestingly, 91.2 percent of its participants, the Census reports, were on the program for 3 years or less, including 62.9 percent on for a year or less. Conclusive? Who knows. But it's wondering whether the widely-accepted wisdom is near - or far - from the truth

USDA sets July 6th deadline to apply for Rural Housing Preservation ( Grants of up to $50,00O each. . .Oregon League of Cities sets July 17th deadline to submit nominations for its annual exceptional service & city awards ( . .Meyer Memorial Trust issues $650,000 request-for-proposals ( by July 17th for projects of up to $75,000 each over two years to increase access of low-income renters to private market rentals Alaska Housing Finance sets July 20th deadline to register to apply for funding under its Teachers, Health Professionals, Public Safety ( housing program. . .Thanks to an EPA grant, Global Green USA ( sets July 17th deadline for local governments and Tribal entities to apply for "no cost" technical assistance in preparing a Sustainable Neighborhood Assessment. . .HUD sets July 27th deadline for public & Tribal housing authorities with existing programs to apply for Family Self-Sufficiency ( funds. . .Housing Washington ( sets July 31st deadline to submit nominations for 2015 Friend of Housing awards. . .Meyer Memorial Trust issues $900,000 request-for-proposals ( by August 14th for projects of up to $75,000 over two years to "better align" affordable housing to services that contribute "to resident stability and success". . .FEMA sets August 23rd deadline for Tribes and local governments (through their state government) to apply for up to 100 grants totaling $30 million for Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grants ( & $150 million in Flood Mitigation Grants ( . .Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines (which now serves Alaska, Idaho, Oregon & Washington) sets August 31st deadline to submit nominations for 2015 Strong Communities Awards ( that will honor one urban & one rural community that "demonstrate the value" that communities "derive from small business and economic development projects" supported by the Bank. . .Oregon Housing & Community Services sets September 4th deadline to apply for $28 million in Multifamily Housing Gap Closing Assistance ( funds. . .Washington State Housing Finance sets October 5th to 7th for Housing Washington Conference ( in Spokane & Idaho Housing & Finance sets October 6th & 7th for 2015 Idaho Housing Conference ( in Boise. . .Oregon Housing & Community Services sets December 31st deadline to apply for $9 million under its Manufactured Dwelling Parks Preservation Program (


HUD Oregon hosts Fair Labor Standards for Local Contracting Agencies workshop, July 9th, Portland.

HUD Oregon hosts Fair Labor Standards for Contractors workshop, July 10th, Portland.

USDA & HUD host on-line Overview of USDA Housing Programs for Housing Counselors, July 14th, on-line.

HUD Oregon & HUD's Office of Housing host Multifamily Affordable Housing Preservation Clinic, July 16th & 17th, Portland. Contact T.J. Winfield at The Cloudbuster Group, at or 240/582-3607

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts First Steps-Best Practices to Promote Fair Housing, July 16th, Seattle.

King County Office of Civil Rights hosts Advanced Fair Housing workshop, July 16th, Seattle.

HUD's Santa Ana Homeownership Center hosts "in-person & in-depth" dialogue on the new Single Family Housing Policy Handbook, July 22nd, Cypress, California.

Oregon AHMA offers Basics of Farm Labor Occupancy workshop, July 28th(morning), Roseburg.

Oregon AHMA offers Practical Fair Housing in the 21st Century workshop, July 28th (afternoon), Roseburg.

HUD Oregon hosts Basics of Fair Housing workshop, July 29th, Portland.

Oregon AHMA offers Practical Fair Housing in the 21st Century, July 29th, Grants Pass.

Oregon AHMA offers Mold & Mildew in Multifamily Housing, July 30th (afternoon), Salem.

Oregon Mayors Association hosts summer conference, July 30th to August 1st, Cottage Grove.

Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians hosts Tribal Energy & Technology Summit, August 11th to 13th, Portland.

HUD Northwest hosts Basics of Fair Housing Webinar, August 12the, on-line. Space limited.

HUD Seattle hosts workshop on HUD's Lead Safe Rule & EPA's Renovation, Repair & Painting Rule, August 11th & 12th, Seattle.

HUD Seattle hosts Healthy Homes Symposium, August 12th & 13th, Seattle.

HUD Alaska Office of Native American Programs & Association of Alaska Housing Authorities host NAHASDA Essential Workshop, August 18th to 20th, Anchorage.

Alaska Municipal League hosts summer conference, August 19th to 21st, Ketchikan.

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Basic Landlord Tenant Law for Affordable Housing Providers, August 19th, Salem.

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Practical Fair Housing in the 21st Century, August 25th, Lincoln City.

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Practical Fair Housing in the 21st Century, August 26th, Salem.

Oregon AHMA hosts workshop on Practical Fair Housing in the 21st Century, August 28th, Redmond.


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