IDIS Release 8.7 Notes

Release 8.7 Adds Two Screens to CDBG Path

HUD has added two new screens at the beginning of the CDBG path before the current MC01 screen.

The first of the two screens asks entitled community/insular area grantees to indicate first whether the organization carrying out the activity is the grantee, a subrecipient, a CBDO, a CBDO that is designated as a subrecipient, or another public agency. States will be asked to indicate if it is being carried out by the State, a 105(a)(15) entity, or another public agency.

When appropriate, the second screen will ask that grantees indicate if the organization is non-profit, for-profit, faith-based, or an institution of higher education.

Users who have questions may contact the IDIS Help Desk.


Content Archived: October 21, 2010