HUD HOC Reference Guide

Appraisal License or Certification Renewals

Chapter 1
Appraisal & Property Requirements
Page 1-07

A. Roster Eligibility - Only appraisers who meet the eligibility requirements may apply as new applicants to the FHA Roster.

B. New Applications - If you are a new applicant, you must apply online by uploading the application and your certification in PDF format. To begin the process, please be sure to read the application instructions in their entirety first.

C. Selection of Appraiser - If an appraisal assignment is made without a case number and verification that the appraiser is currently on the Roster, the lender takes the risk of not being able to obtain a case number and/or insurance. Lenders are cautioned that appraisers can be removed at any time from the roster for disciplinary actions and/or if a state is late in reporting the appraiser?s renewal to ASC.

D. Appraiser's Responsibilities - Among the FHA Roster appraiser's responsibilities is the responsibility to keep your personal and business information up to date via the FHA Connection (FHAC).

E. Updates - You must be on the Roster with an active status BEFORE you apply for a user ID.You must establish an FHA Connection (FHAC) user ID to update your information on the roster.

To successfully process your updates, your information must exactly match the ASC National Registry. Please review the ASC information first, and wait a day to ensure that the ASC has sent your data to the FHA Connection.

F. Renewals - For all renewals, effective September 12, 2008, the FHA Connection stopped accepting "near" matches in license numbers. Read more about the policy, or go to the instructions to review and/or update your information before renewing.You may verify that your automatic renewal is complete in the FHA Connection first, or you may begin the renewal process now.

G. Reinstatements - Requests for reinstatements are only possible under certain circumstances.

H. More Appraiser Information - For additional information and a list of contacts for the FHA appraiser roster, go to the FHA Appraisers web page at

Content Archived: October 25, 2012