HUD 2020 Management Reform Plan

[Issued June 26, 1997. Read the Press Release]

"I believe America needs a government that is both smaller and more responsive. One that works better and costs less. One that shifts authority from the federal level to states and localities as much as possible…One that has fewer regulations and more incentives. One, in short, that has more common sense and seeks more common ground."

President Clinton, Between Hope and History

"Everyone in government knows big challenges remain. It is time for faster, bolder action to expand our islands of excellence and reinvent entire agencies time to entirely reinvent every department of government."

Vice President Al Gore, The Blair House Papers

Special Note: In January 1997, President William Clinton asked incoming Secretary Andrew Cuomo to transform the Department of Housing and Urban Development through the President's vision for community empowerment. The next six months demonstrated unparalleled creativity and energy by the Department. This product reflects the input and insights of many, including: Vice President Al Gore, David Osborne, James Champy, Ernst & Young LLP, members of Congress, the Office of Management and Budget, and the HUD Office of Inspector General. Most of all, it was made possible by the talented civil service staff at HUD.

HUD is just over 30 years old
it is time to prepare HUD for the next 30 years.


Executive Summary

Road Map to this Plan

    Offers a guide for how to use this report

The Six Major Reforms

    Describes reforms that cut across the entire Department

Business Line Reform Plans


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