HUD 2020 Management Reform Plan
Road Map to This Plan


The Six Major Reforms
Describes reforms that cut across the Department.

Business Line Reform Plans
Describes specific issues and reforms for each business line.

Provides additional details on implementing the reforms.

This plan is divided into three sections. The first, The Six Major Reforms, gives readers a compass for understanding our major changes in six reform areas:

· Reorganizing by function

· Replacing HUD's financial management system

· Creating an Enforcement Authority

· Refocusing HUD's mission and retraining our workforce

· Establishing new performance-based systems

· Creating a customer-friendly organization.

The first section shines a spotlight on each reform area, explaining why it is relevant, what changes will occur, and who will be affected. In some cases, HUD's organization will change to implement needed reforms; in others, specific programs will change to achieve our reinvention goals. Regardless, they are reforms that will cut across the face and through the depth of what HUD is today, reconstituting the HUD of the future.

The second section, Business Line Reform Plans, describes the reforms each of HUD's business lines will undertake. From Public and Indian Housing to Fair Housing to Community Planning and Development, specific problems, reforms, and benefits are laid out. Each business line answers these questions: Why do we need to change? What reforms will we make? What benefits will result? What legislation, if any, do we need to make the change?

Finally, the Appendix provides supporting details.
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Content Archived: December 9, 2011