FY 1999 Annual Performance Plan


During Fiscal Year (FY) 1997, in order to help the Department focus on its mission, HUD developed its Strategic Plan for FY 1998 through FY 2003. This Strategic Plan, issued on September 30, 1997, contains the goals and objectives necessary for tracking program priorities and accomplishments - all within the context of a sound management structure and reasonable stewardship over billions of taxpayer dollars. Meeting our strategic goals and objectives, as measured by our performance indicators, will continue to ensure better housing opportunities and better communities for all Americans.

This document, the FY 1999 Annual Performance Plan, provides the next level of Departmental strategic planning. It contains the specific performance goals established for FY 1999, organized under each strategic objective. Neither the Strategic Plan nor this Plan contain information applicable to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). The Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan for the OIG will be submitted by them under separate cover.

In addition to the Departmental mission, Secretary Andrew Cuomo made a personal commitment on behalf of HUD to restore the public trust by achieving and demonstrating competence. Under Secretary Cuomo's leadership, the Department produced HUD 2020: Management Reform Plan. HUD 2020 presents a fundamental management overhaul. It focuses on managing programs and people more efficiently and responsibly. Combining significant organizational changes with proposed legislative reforms, it will bring HUD in line with the times, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness into the 21st Century. This "mission" permeates all Departmental planning and is an integral part of each and every objective in the Strategic Plan.


Content Archived: November 29, 2011