FY 1999 Annual Performance Plan

HUD'S Mission -- Empowering People and Communities

The empowerment mission is a dramatic shift for the Department. Rather than issuing directives and over-regulating communities, HUD will provide them with the tools to implement their own, home-grown revitalization strategies. HUD is uniquely qualified with its resources -- mortgage insurance, rental housing assistance, community and economic development tools -- to partner with local governments, businesses and organizations to build stronger communities. Empowerment is the right role for the Federal Government, a role that says "Washington can help communities thrive, but the decisions and power must be closest to the people."

The Secretary's Personal Commitment - Restoring the Public Trust

To improve its management, HUD 2020: Management Reform Plan focuses on getting HUD's house in order, on managing its programs and people more efficiently and responsibly -a fundamental management overhaul. The Plan proposes reforms designed to help communities thrive - getting HUD's resources out of Washington and into communities. These reforms are based on a new policy designed to empower people, giving them the tools they need to succeed, to help communities move from an industrial to an information economy.

The Management Reform Plan outlines the essential steps HUD will take to improve its management. These include:

  • Consolidating programs and reorganizing and retraining staff to align the Department's resources with its long-term mission;

  • Developing and implementing stringent internal controls;

  • Integrating financial and information management systems Department-wide; and,

  • Increasing program monitoring and improving data on program outputs to increase capacity to carry out "management by results."


Content Archived: November 29, 2011