FY 1999 Annual Performance Plan:

Organization of Annual Performance Plan

The first section, HUD's Mission - Empowering People and Communities, discusses both HUD's mission as well as the management planning efforts of the Department to restore public trust. The desire of the Department to restore public trust crosses over all program areas and permeates the very essence of our day-to-day operations. Without that focus, HUD cannot achieve its mission. The combined force of these two efforts provides the focus for the various HUD programs as they move towards their strategic objectives.

The next section, Means and Strategies: Resource Allocation, discusses the issue of resource allocation, the problems HUD is facing and how we intend to address them. This section also explains one possible answer: the Resource Estimation and Allocation Plan (REAP), which would identify, justify and match resource requirements for effective and efficient program administration and management.

The third section, Validation and Verification, discusses the different challenges regarding data integrity and database development faced by the program areas. In some cases, new baseline data will need to be developed. Discussions focus on both the challenges and the steps being taken to meet them.

The next seven sections discuss each strategic objective, how each one relates to the Departmental mission and the performance measures established to achieve these objectives.

Each section is divided as follows:

  • Introduction

  • Strategies that will be used to achieve the objective.

  • Linkage to HUD 2020: Management Reform Plan providing a cross-walk between HUD 2020 and the objective to be achieved.

  • External Factors which may affect the achievement of the goals.

    In previous years, certification from responsible staff was our main means of assuring quality of performance measure data. We are strengthening quality assurance by requiring that programs develop comprehensive quality assurance plans subject to CFO review and approval. A requirement that quality assurance be applied to performance measures has been added to the Secretary's Performance Report and quality assurance is a permanent part of the development and verification of performance measure data.

  • Annual Performance Goals, a list of the annual performance goals which will move HUD towards the objective. In the far right column for each measure, the applicable Program and Funding (P&F) category has been identified. At the end of this Plan, there is a crosswalk of the Objectives to the P&F.

The final section of the Annual Performance Plan addresses the specific planning efforts under HUD 2020: Management Reform Plan and contains (a) the performance measures for management efforts Department-wide and (b) the proposed goals for the three principal Centers to be established under HUD 2020 (Assessment, Enforcement and Section 8 Financial Management). These Centers will become operational during FY 1998 and baseline data from their first year of operation will be used to establish annual goals for FY 1999 and beyond. These measures are organized under the objectives as listed in the Management Reform Plan and will result in a well-managed, more efficient HUD.


Content Archived: November 29, 2011