FY 1999 Annual Performance Plan

Strategic Objectives

HUD's credibility and competence will be viewed in terms of how successfully we accomplish our mission. Key indicators are presented in the Strategic Plan which creates a total picture of how well HUD is delivering its programs and accounting for every single dollar entrusted to us by millions of taxpayers.

As we move towards the next millennium, our strategic objectives reflect our core business functions:

  • Empower communities to meet local needs.

  • Help communities and States establish a full continuum of housing and services designed to assist homeless individuals and families in achieving permanent housing and self-sufficiency.

  • Increase availability of affordable housing in standard condition to families and individuals, particularly the Nation's poor and disadvantaged.

  • Reduce the isolation of low-income groups within a community or geographical area.

  • Provide empowerment and self­sufficiency opportunities for low­income individuals and families, particularly the Nation's poor and disadvantaged.

  • Increase homeownership opportunities, especially in Central Cities, through a variety of tools, such as expanding access to mortgage credit.

  • Promote equal housing opportunities for those protected by law.


Content Archived: November 29, 2011