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HUD Customer Satisfaction Report, November 1996

HUD's Stars Shine

In assessing customer satisfaction, HUD has learned a lot about what matters most to our customers, and we are making changes accordingly. We have also learned a lot about our employees. Our customers reported back to us that many HUD employees are "Real Stars" when it comes to providing customer service. The HUD's Stars Shine section of this report is just a very small sample of the many HUD employees who rountinely provide outstanding customer service to HUD customers.

An FHEO customer comments: "Thank you again for being a speaker at the Community Development and Fair Housing Workshop. We appreciate the sacrifices you made to be there. We honestly believe that by working together we can make changes that will benefit generations to come."

Another FHEO customer said: "I wanted to take time out to thank you for your help during our phone conversation two days ago...you were very helpful. You gave me some thing I haven�t had for a long time ... HOPE ..."

A Housing customer said: "Your WEB page is a testimonial to Internet/Government Services capability. I was finally able to locate some info on my HUD premium refund via your home page �after hours� and now have the info I need to get the refund process rolling. GREAT JOB! (Almost makes me feel better about my �95 Income Tax tab...to a point.)"

"...After all, I was dealing with a Federal Agency and everyone knows not to call for information because you�ll get on the �let me transfer you� merry-go-round. I tried it anyway out of desperation and, indeed, was transferred several times to my dismay. Finally, I was transferred to Lessie Marrow (Headquarters Housing) who not only was extremely pleasant to talk with but knew exactly the information I needed to start converting our mortgage accounts to conform with the new regulations (RESPA)....Yesterday, a legal question arose from one of our clients. I called Lessie back for help. She remembered me and told me to talk to Ivey Jackson. I left a message and was promptly call ed back with an answer."

"...Roger Miller, of Headquarters, worked extended hours, often from early in the morning until late into the evening, and his thoughtful comments, suggestions and assistance were greatly appreciated.... Approval of our Section 242 Mortgage application t o which Roger contributed, will enhance both Maimonides Medical Center�s financial viability and our status as the preeminent medical center in Brooklyn."

Dona-Lou Hertz of our Milwaukee Office is an active participant in the Wisconsin Emergency Shelter Task force which has enabled the city of Madison, Dane County and other service providers to serve 5,500 homeless persons annually. Vickie Rager of our Columbus Office worked with the Interagency Council on the Homeless and the Mid-Ohio Food Bank to pick up thousands of items of clothing for distribution to the homeless. It is worth over $460,000.

John Baker, a homeless specialist in our Richmond Office, spent the evening walking the streets of Richmond talking with homeless persons to find out from the direct beneficiaries of CPD program what they felt the "gaps" were in the homeless system. He frequently visits with homeless providers and clients to get a real sense of needs of the homeless population. He ran across a homeless alcoholic who had given up on solving any of his problems and was able to direct him to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

John Dorgan in CPD�s Indianapolis Office became the catalyst to bring together 16 mortgage lenders in 35 cities throughout the State to participate in the State Housing Finance agency program to increasing lending activities. As a result, $20 million mor tgage revenue bonds were combined with $5 million in HOME funds to create homeownership opportunities for 446 low- and moderate-income persons.

Kimberly Dana of our Chicago Office advised the city of Waukegan in developing a community policing program. Through her efforts, Waukegan has a Mobile Police Unit in addition to the Community Policing program.

Kim Johnson in our Fort Worth Office assisted the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs to set up three offices in Texas colonias to provide technical assistance to residents of the colonias. They are typically poor immigrants with a very low level of services and poor quality housing.

Thomas Romsey in our Greensboro Office used his economic development expertise to help Raleigh develop a small business loan program which has provided loans for small business development and jobs.

Mr. Chin Woo of our Honolulu Office was instrumental in helping the county of Kawaii commit the disaster funds in record time to achieve a rapid recovery from Hurricane Iniki.

Ft. Worth staff member Steve Brewer won the Outstanding Public Service Award from the Dallas-Fort Worth Federal Executive Board for his excellent customer service work with the Ticknor Terrace Residents.

A group of PIH staff in the Boston Office has formed a coalition of large housing authorities to improve working relationships, share knowledge and to identify training needs ... it has greatly improved customer relations.

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