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HUD Customer Satisfaction Report, November 1996

The Customer Comes First with HUD

An Open Letter to HUD Customers

During the past four years, I have concentrated on transforming HUD into a right-side up, "community first" Cabinet agency focused on customer service. To accomplish this, HUD has developed customer service standards and implemented new and more effec tive ways of communicating with you - our customers. We have also streamlined operations, eliminated or simplified regulations, and provided customer relations training to HUD staff.

But, most importantly, we listened to you. We listened to you on direct telephone calls, at forums, in focus groups, on the World Wide Web, and in numerous other ways. We listened and responded by changing the way we do business and by changing our prog rams to suit your needs.

President Clinton directed Federal agencies to undertake a "continual reform of the executive branch's management practices and operations to provide service to the public that matches or exceeds the best service available in the private sector". Further, the President directed Federal agencies to set customer service standards, obtain customer feedback, measure their performance against these standards, and use the results to change the way they do business.

In response to those directives, I am pleased to share HUD's first Customer Satisfaction Report, which lets you - our customers - know how well we are serving you.

Thank you. We could not have made these changes without your support.

Henry Cisneros

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