FY 2011
Policy Requirements and
General Section for Discretionary Programs

This notice provides prospective applicants for HUD's competitive funding with the opportunity to become familiar with the General Section of HUD's FY2011 NOFAs, in advance of publication of any FY2011 NOFAs. It also describes HUD's policy priorities based on its Strategic Plan for FY2010-2015, as well as submission requirements for FY2011.

Funding Opportunity Number: FR-5500-N-01
Opportunity Title: Policy Requirements and General Section
Competition ID: GS-01
Posting Date: April 4, 2011
Preferred Sustainable Communities form - please note this form is fillable ONLY, once you have completed the form you must print out the form containing information entered.  This form will NOT save information entered.
Webcast:  April 28, 2011 - General Section & Logic Model Presentation

Preferred Sustainable Communities

In FY2011, HUD will award 2 bonus points to applicants that are working in the following ways with communities that have received Preferred Sustainability Status under the HUD FY2010 Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant Program and/or the FY2010 HUD funded Challenge Grant Program (hereafter referred to as the Preferred Sustainability Status Communities).

(1) The applicant is engaged in activities, that in consultation with the designated Point of Contact of the HUD designated Preferred Sustainability Status Community furthers the purposes of the Regional Planning Grant Program or the Challenge Grant Program; and

(2) The applicant's proposed activities either directly reflect the Livability Principles cited and contained in HUD's General Section to the FY2011 NOFAs or will result in the delivery of services that are consistent with the goals of the Livability Principles; and

(3) The applicant has committed to maintain an on-going relationship with a HUD Preferred Sustainability Status Community for the purposes of being part of the planning and implementation processes in the designated area.

To be eligible to receive bonus points, an applicant is required to obtain a certification from the Designated Point of Contact for the designated Preferred Sustainability Status Community using form HUD 2995 which verifies that the applicant has met the above criteria. The form will certify the nexus between the proposed activities of the applicant and the Livability Principles as they are being advanced in the Preferred Sustainability Status Community. It must be signed and dated anytime from the date of the publication of the funding opportunity on www.Grants.gov to the deadline date of the funding opportunity. Any certifications signed before or after those dates will not be acceptable. If the applicant is from the agency that holds Point of Contact status in a particular Preferred Sustainability Status Community, the form HUD 2995 must be certified by the appropriate HUD Regional Administrator in consultation with field staff.

View the listing of Preferred Sustainable Status Communities Points of Contact and determine if your program will be operating within a Preferred Sustainable Status Community area. On this listing, you will find a link to a map and listing of preferred status areas and contacts.

Contact Person: Questions related to the General Section can be directed to the Office of Departmental Grants Management and Oversight, telephone number (202) 708-0667. This is not a toll-free number. Persons with hearing or speech impairments may access this number via TTY by calling the Federal Information Relay Service at 800-877-8339

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