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HUD NextDoor Kiosk Initiative

The HUD NextDoor Kiosks were part of a broader initiative called HUD NextDoor and was created by Secretary Andrew Cuomo. The initiative was launched in 1998 and various pieces lasted until 2009.

  • History of the HUD NextDoor Kiosks
  • Government Kiosk Project Overview
  • Kiosk Fact Sheet
  • Kiosk Flyer
  • used to educate potential hosts of the kiosk.
  • Kiosk Locations (as of the project's end on 10/1/2009)
  • Kiosk Content
    The content for each kiosk was tailored to the city in which the kiosk was located.The project went through three phases of content; two with the "HUD NextDoor" brand and ending as an interagency Government Information Kiosk
    • Version 1 -- launched in May 1998 (Front page only, links have been disabled)
    • Version 2 -- launched April 1, 2000. (Front page only, links have been disabled)
    • Version 3 -- launched in March 2005. (Sample content is as of the project's end on 10/1/2009.)
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