May 2011 Region III HUDLine News

E-Briefs from Region III (DE, DC, MD, PA, VA and WV) of the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
(215) 656-0500 Jane C.W. Vincent, Regional Administrator

Happy Spring! This is one of my favorite seasons because it is a time for renewal, a time for new beginnings, and a time to recommit to the things you believe in most.

That's what we're doing here at HUD. Our employees, our partners and our program recipients are telling us why they believe in HUD. In April, Secretary Donovan started a conversation with HUD employees about why they believe in
the work they do and why they are passionate about HUD's mission. I'm touched and in awe of HUD staff who shared their sense of responsibility to the programs they administer; the care they take in serving the people they help; the pride they have in working for HUD and the things they have been able to accomplish professionally on their own and in concert with the Department.

Last week, Deputy Secretary Sims asked our partners ( to post brief YouTube videos sharing why they believe in HUD - just click and listen to what some of our stakeholders have
to say. You, too, can share why you believe in HUD. Briefly tell us about yourself and your organization, and how HUD programs affect you and the people you serve. And then tell us why you believe in HUD. If you have access to a webcam, Flip Cam, or video camera, send us a 60 second YouTube video (to be featured on HUD's official YouTube channel ( or email us at For me, I believe in HUD because we're helping people improve their quality of life by providing affordable homes in neighborhoods that have access to quality health care, good schools, transit systems and grocery stores.

Theodore Roosevelt said, "Far and away, the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing". That's why I believe in HUD. I love my work because it's all about improving lives and making a difference in our communities and neighborhoods. No one should have to live on the streets. People should be able to afford to
live close to their jobs and they should be able to purchase or remain in their homes. It's a labor of love and caring.

In an effort to bring you information you can use and to tell the stories of the people we have helped, we've expanded HUDlines to have a more Regional look, with inclusion of stories about how we're helping people every day. I'm sure you'll see more stories about why we believe in HUD.


Coming...On April 18, Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) John Trasviña announced
the selection of Melody Taylor-Blancher to be the Regional FHEO Director for Region III effective April 24. Region III welcomes Melody and offers hearty congratulations as she assumes her new role.

And going...John E. Hall, previously the Field Office Director in the Richmond Office has been announced as the new District of Columbia Housing and Community Development Director. Region III wishes John well as he assumes the leadership of this vibrant city agency.

Emergency Homeowner Loan Program Launches in Three States
Three of the six states across the country approved to launch the Emergency Homeowners Loan Program (EHLP) are in Region III. Homeowners struggling to hold onto their homes in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware can now apply for assistance through the Emergency Homeowner Loan Program. "The Emergency Homeowners Loan Program will provide limited and targeted assistance to help working families get back on their feet and keep their homes while they look for work," Shaun Donovan, Secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, said. Later in this issue of Region III HUDLine News, you'll find more details from each of the States about how to apply for their programs.

In Delaware, Governor Jack Markell announced applications for the program are being accepted through the Delaware State Housing Authority. I had the honor of delivering the six million dollar check to the First State.

In addition to offering assistance to homeowners in danger of foreclosure, the state is also promoting sustainable growth so that communities have access to affordable housing, schools, transportation and jobs. HUD is lending its strong support to the state's efforts. Take a look at the DC Field Office web page's leading story.

And here's another example of how HUD is helping to make big changes:

Smart Growth for the Future in Loudoun County

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan (3rd from left) was joined by (left to right) HUD Richmond's Jim Peluso, Billy Hall, and Charlie Famuliner, Regional Administrator Jane Vincent, DC Field Office Director Marvin Turner; and Judi Bryant of the Richmond Field Office

The April 20 groundbreaking for Loudoun Station in Virginia was attended by Secretary Donovan, Regional Administrator Vincent, and HUD staff from DC and Richmond. Loudoun Station will be the "essential downtown" for Loudoun County, integrating 357 luxury apartments with the first phase of Market Square at Loudoun Station, which includes 70,000 square feet of retail space. Ultimately, it will include more than 300,000 square feet of retail, dining and entertainment spaces. It is designed to create a pedestrian friendly, vibrant, environment for the Washington Metropolitan areas' future Silver Line Metro stop. It is a great example of smart growth and transit oriented development. HUD helped with $70.2 million in financing. Hear the Secretary's remarks at: Leesburg Today - Loudoun Station (

Safe Haven for Homeless Teens

Homeless teens in Philadelphia have found a safe place to live in the newly opened Covenant House in the Kensington section of the City. Philadelphia invested $600,000 of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Recovery Act funds received from HUD in the $3 million project. Covenant House will provide temporary housing for youth under the age of 21, and will also provide supportive services to help them become independent and responsible adults.


U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan announces awards for new projects to help people who are homeless. The grants, announced on April 28, when combined with the renewal funding announced earlier this year, represent the most homelessness assistance ever awarded by HUD. More than dollars, the $27,649,729 received by Region III Continua of Care will help 90 new projects save, change and restore countless lives. To see the allocations state by state, visit HUD's website.

HUD's Region III Annual Funding Report for Fiscal Year 2010 has been released. More than $47.3 billion dollars was invested to deliver programs and services to the 29.5 million persons across the District of Columbia and five state area. For more information about how the funds were used and who benefited, see Region III's Annual Funding

On May 2 Secretary Shaun Donovan will present at the 20th Annual HOME Celebration in Bethesda, Maryland.

HUD has published the final notice establishing the Small Area Fair Market Rent (FMR) Demonstration Project and requesting participation from metropolitan public housing agencies. For more information, see the Federal Register notice (

HUDUser issues a new report evaluating the Family Self-Sufficiency Program. Download the report, which encompasses a new study of the Family Self-Sufficiency program's impact and outcomes at: Family Self-Sufficiency Program: Prospective Study.

HUD's Regulatory Barriers Clearinghouse Strategy of the Month Club offers "9 Steps toward Green." See these budget saving affordable housing retrofits for yourself at Strategy of the Month.

HUD invites expressions of interest in a Fellowship Placement Pilot Program for Economically Distressed Cities. The Department seeks a qualified third party or a partnership of third parties to manage, administer and implement the fellowship program. See the REI notice for details about objectives, full scope of work and roles and responsibilities of the third party for the fellowship program. Responses are due Friday, May 13, 2011 via email to: For more information, contact Kheng Mei Tan at (202) 708-1112 (not a toll-free number) or TTY through the toll-free Federal Information Relay Service at (800) 877-8339.


Baltimore's AIDS Interfaith Residential Services and the City's Office of Human Services were awarded a combined $2,763,500 in "Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA)" funding to continue their work of providing permanent supportive housing so that households can manage their illnesses while receiving critically needed support services. To see the announcement made on April 26, visit HUD's Newsroom.

Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority achieves its first LEED Gold structure with Grandy Village Learning Center - see website (

Nonprofit Community Capital Bank of Virginia opens Second Branch Office in Richmond - providing capital resources
for community development in Virginia - find out more (

Virginia's Governor McDonnell announces winners of 2011 Governor's Environmental Excellence Awards, to be presented at the Environment Virginia Symposium in Lexington.The Gold Medal winners may be found at Governor's Environmental Excellence Awards (

Virginia Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) brings 29 jobs to Franklin County as Solution Matrix relocates. $220,841 Community Development Block Grant will provide infrastructure improvements to the new building. See the article in the Roanoke Times (

Roanoke's Hurt Park Community Garden ready to till - the community garden will create nearly 100 individual garden beds, including several that will be handicapped accessible. The plan also calls for a greenhouse, tool shed, water cisterns, children's garden, and composting area. See website (


Transportation Association of Maryland (TAM) general membership meeting & workshop on May 10 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Bowie. Registration deadline is May 2. Online payment available at website (


HUD has selected 18 national, regional and local lenders to participate in a new two-year pilot program that will offer qualified borrowers living in certain parts of the country low-cost loans to make energy-saving improvements to their homes. Backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), these new PowerSaver loans will offer homeowners up
to $25,000 to make energy-efficient improvements of their choice, including the installation of insulation, duct
sealing, replacement doors and windows, HVAC systems, water heaters, solar panels, and geothermal systems. In Region III, selected localities in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia will have the opportunity to take advantage of
the Power Saver Loan program. In addition, areas where the Home Performance with Energy Star program is available are automatically eligible locations for lenders to serve under the pilot program. Those areas are listed here: EnergyStar Home Performance Locations (

FHA reminds customers that there will be a 25 basis point increase to the Annual Mortgage Insurance Premiums for forward mortgage amortization terms, effective for all case numbers assigned on or after April 18, 2011. There are also new procedures effective April 18, 2011 for requesting case numbers and automatic case number cancellation. See Mortgagee Letter 2011-10 for more details. For FHA technical support on FHA Premiums or any other FHA issue, email or visit FHA Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) also provide clarification about the topics discussed in FHA Mortgagee Letter
(ML) 2011-11. View those FAQs on-line at: Mortgagee Letter 2011-11 FAQs.

New Mortgagee Letters:

  • Mortgagee Letter 2011-16 discusses rescission of Mortgagee Letter 2008-38: Borrower's recourse for repayment of Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) debt. Mortgagees are instructed to refer to the regulations at 24 CFR Part 206 and the provisions in Handbook 4235.1 for guidance.

  • Mortgagee Letter 2011-17 discusses requirements to mortgagees regarding the use of the official logos, names and acronyms of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD or the Department) and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) within advertisements or promotions of the business products or operations of FHA-approved mortgagees.

For all Mortgagee letters, see Mortgagee Letters on HUD's website.

Upcoming FHA Training Opportunities:

  • May 10-11, 2011 - Washington, D.C. NRMLA Washington Policy Conference. NRMLA's Washington Policy Conference offers an opportunity to learn the latest Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) information and meet the policy makers who are shaping the future of the HECM business. Learn more (

  • May 11 - Philadelphia, PA. HUD Loss Mitigation Program Training for HUD approved Housing Counselors. Please Note: The completion of NSC's Online EClass Training is a "prerequisite" prior to registering & attending any HUD live classroom training. The NSC EClass training date on your certificate is a required field when registering for live classroom training. Without a verifiable system date, the EClass System will not allow you to proceed with registration. Additional information regarding EClass requirements can be found in Mortgagee Letter 2009-45.

  • May 17-18 - Oklahoma City, OK. Early Delinquency Servicing Activities & HUD's Loss Mitigation Program Training. This training includes coverage of: HUD Handbook 4330.1 REV-5, Chapter 7, Delinquencies, Defaults, Mortgage Collection Activities & Initiation of Foreclosure & HUD's Loss Mitigation Program. Additionally, overviews will be presented pertaining to Extension of Time Requests & Variances, Single Family Default Monitoring System. Registration required, no fee.

Did you miss a training session? Check out the FHA Training Webcast archives.


All the latest in HUD funding news may be found at HUD.Gov Funds Available or Grants.Gov (

The General Section for HUD's competitive funding programs has been published and outlines the FY 2011 Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) Policy Requirements and General Section for HUD's Discretionary Programs. The General Section provides applicants with important information about the statutory and policy requirements governing all of HUD's competitive funding opportunities. It also describes submission requirements for FY2011 and HUD's policy priorities based on the FY2010-2015 Strategic Plan. To read the FY2011 NOFA General section, please click here: FY2011 General Section.

The following HUD NOFAs have been announced:

  • Fair Housing Initiative Program Enforcement Testing Technical Assistance, applications due May 6. For more information, see FHIP TA NOFA.
  • Homeless Families Demonstration Small Grant Research Program due May 11. For more information, see Homeless Families Demo - Small Grant Research NOFA.
  • Section 202 (Supportive Housing for the Elderly). Applications due June 1. For more information, see Section 202 Funds Available.
  • Housing Choice Voucher Family Self-Sufficiency Program due June 8. For more information, see Housing Choice Voucher Family Self-Sufficiency NOFA.
  • Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Grant Program due June 9. For more information, see Lead Based Paint Hazard Control NOFA.
  • Healthy Homes Production Program due June 15. For more information, see Healthy Homes Production NOFA.
  • Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities due June 23. For more information, see Section 811 Funds Available.
  • Public and Indian Housing Family Self-Sufficiency Program under the Resident Opportunity and Self-Sufficiency due June 29. For more information, see Family Self-Sufficiency - ROSS NOFA
  • Resident Opportunity and Self-Sufficiency (ROSS) - Service Coordinators Program due July 13. For more information, see Service Coordinators - ROSS NOFA
  • Asthma Interventions in Public and Assisted Multifamily Housing due June 9. For more information, see Asthma Intervention - PH and Assisted MF Housing NOFA


National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) announces funds to help small and mid-sized institutions improve their ability to preserve and care for their humanities collections. Applications due May 3, contact: NEH Division of Preservation and Access at (202) 606-8570 or (NEH Grant Guidelines - Preservation (

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) announces funds for capacity-building grants, to help institutions and organizations secure long-term improvements in and support for their humanities programs and resources. Applications due May 4, contact: Office of Challenge Grants at (202) 606-8309 or ( NEH Grant Guidelines - Capacity (

National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) announces funds to support small and mid-sized organizations fo
r projects that extend the reach of the arts to underserved populations specifically those whose opportunities to experience the arts are limited by geography, ethnicity, economics, or disability. Applications due May 26, contact (NEA - Challenge Grant (

The U.S. Department of Commerce (USDOC) announces funds to provide business consulting services to eligible Minority Business Enterprises (MBE). Applications due May 5, contact: Rita Gonzales at (202) 482-1940 (

Department of Education (DOE) announces funds to initiate, expand, and improve physical education for students in grades K-12. Funds will be available for 77 awards and a match is required. Applications due May 13 - contact: Carlette Huntley at (202) 245-7871 or (

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) announces funds to provide additional support for refugee services for large secondary migrations into the state, or where there are significant increases in new arrivals. Applications due May 20, contact Ronald Munia at (202) 401-4559 or (Administration for Children and Families - Refugee Services ( ).

Department of Justice announces funds for the Second Chance Act Juvenile Mentoring Initiative to provide employment assistance, substance abuse treatment, housing, family programming, mentoring, victim support, and other services to help adult and juvenile ex-offenders make a successful transition from incarceration to the community. Applications due May 2. For more information, see: Second Chance Act - Juvenile (

Department of Labor announces funds for the National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) Housing Assistance
Program. Applications due May 3. For more information, see Farmworker Jobs and Housing Assistance

USDA is offering grants to provide broadband and internet access to underserved rural areas, including Native American lands, through its Community Connect Broadband Grant Program. Applications due May 3. For more information and to apply, go to Community Connect Broadband (

Department of Education is offering grants to enhance the credit of charter schools enabling them to access private-sector and other non-Federal capital to acquire, construct, and renovate facilities at a reasonable cost. Applications due May 10. For more information and to apply, go to Charter Schools Credit Support (


  • National Association of Community and Economic Development Associations Annual Summit - May 23-24, Washington, DC: Come meet NACEDA's new Executive Director Sam Yoon, network with NACEDA members, and learn about collaborations and mergers, shared equity models, and sustainable development approaches.

  • US Treasury's Home Affordable program provides guidelines for escalating mortgage modification requests Home Affordable Escalation Help (

  • Don't Be Sorry - Be Ready ... Are you ready for the Spring flooding season? Visit FloodSmart.Gov (, the official website for the National Flood Insurance Program.


Pittsburgh - (412) 644-6428***Cheryle E. Campbell, Field Office Director***
Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group (PCRG) Community Development Summit -
May 25, 2011 at the Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh. The Community Development Summit is designed to be a Regional event for Western Pennsylvania and will include nationally renowned keynote speakers at both breakfast and lunch, dynamic presentations on the issues facing the industry today, and built-in networking time. See PCRG ( for more information.

Richmond - (804) 822.4802***Darryl B. Austin, Acting Field Office Director***
The 2011 Virginia Conference on Volunteerism and Service will take place June 17, at the Richmond Westin Hotel at Reynolds Crossing. Get complete details, workshop information and register online (

Southeast Regional Community Action Project (SERCAP) hosting Water Is Life! Annual Conference & Luncheon on May 6 in Roanoke. See SERCAP Water is Life Conference (

Training opportunities:
Capacity Building: Organizational Development and Grantwriting Workshops: July 12 and 13 in Fredericksburg; July 28 and 29 in Portsmouth. You need only attend one workshop. Contact to register.

Training available for nonprofit (non-governmental) Housing Agencies interested in becoming HUD-Approved Nonprofits. HUD approval allows nonprofit housing agencies to participate in federal single-family housing programs. The HUD website offers first steps to request the online application: SFHousing-Nonprofit Approval, training videos and reference guides: SF Housing Nonprofit Approval - Training Materials ( HUD Richmond and Virginia Housing Development Authority are hosting a webinar to facilitate the application process. May 12, 10:00 am - 12:00pm.

HUD Richmond's Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD) is hosting a Grantee meeting and training June 15-16, 2011 in Richmond. For registration information, contact Lucy Cook of Training Development Associates at or (410) 547-1825.

Better Housing Coalition's (BHC) Center for Neighborhood Revitalization is presenting a workshop on how renovating
an historic house can benefit homeowners. Learn how to make the most of Virginia's Rehabilitation Tax Credit
Program. May 14 from 9:30 am to noon - contact

EarthCraft Virginia is offering a new Builder training course for the Richmond area. Builders can learn techniques for building high performance homes, become certified as an EarthCraft Builder, and become involved in the growing green building market.

Main Street News:

Roanoke Regional Housing Symposium - Livable Communities: Making them a Reality. Join the Roanoke Housing
Network for a look at planning, financing and accessing services on May 4.

Wilmington - (302) 573-6300***Diane Lello, Field Office Director***
Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) has been awarded $6 million from HUD for the Emergency Homeowners
Loan Program (EHLP) that will assist homeowners who are behind in their mortgage due to unemployment, underemployment, injury or illness. DSHA was chosen due to its successful track record of administering foreclosure prevention resources and is one of only six "substantially similar" state foreclosure prevention programs in the
country. To apply, homeowners should contact one of the Delaware HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agencies, which will guide them through the application process. For more information, please contact Cynthia Karnai at (302) 577-5001 or via email at, or see website (

Delaware Housing Coalition hosting A Day for Housing on May 10, from 9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. in Dover. For more information, see website

DSHA, in Partnership with Delaware Money School, hosts a Homebuyer Fair on May 14, from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. in Newark. To register, call 877-307-6858 or visit  Delaware Money School (

Baltimore - (410) 962-2520***Carol B. Payne, Field Office Director***
Maryland joins HUD foreclosure loan program ( Maryland homeowners facing foreclosurebecause of job loss are
now eligible to receive help under a $40 million program announced by Gov. Martin O'Malley. The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development in Crownsville will begin taking applications immediately for the Maryland Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program. Those interested should visit the HOPE website ( or call the HOPE hotline (877) 462-7555 to find a housing counselor for free counseling and assistance.

Maryland Association of Housing and Rehabilitation Authorities (MAHRA) Conference Set for May 25-27 in Ocean City
- registration is required. For more information, see MARHA Conference.

Construction is set to begin soon on M on Madison, a new, livable 74 unit multifamily rental property, designed for families, and allowing residents to live near their work. Keep up with Baltimore's dynamic housing development by visiting website (

Philadelphia - (215) 656-0500***Jane C.W. Vincent, Regional Administrator***
Pennsylvania has received approval and funding for the Emergency Homeowners Loan program mentioned earlier. The State Housing Finance Agency is processing applications for assistance. More information about the program is available at PA EHLP (

The Urban Affairs Coalition and the UAC Foreclosure Prevention Task Force are pleased to present the Foreclosure Prevention Resource Guide Winter/Spring 2011 Edition. The Guide is designed to help professional housing counselors and homeowners in the Philadelphia five-county region better navigate the mortgage foreclosure process and the foreclosure prevention programs available to homeowners.

100,000 Homes Campaign Philadelphia Seeks Volunteers: A grassroots effort to place America's most vulnerable, long-term homeless individuals into 100,000 homes by July 2013 invites you to join a week long volunteer outreach effort from May 15-20th. For more information, please go to the website (

McKonly & Asbury's Spring Affordable Housing Seminar May 4, Camp Hill. A. J. Johnson from A. J. Johnson Consulting Services, Inc. presenting training on Low-Income Housing Tax Credit compliance. See Spring Affordable Housing (

The Allentown Commission to End Chronic Homelessness presenting "Housing: The Key to Ending Homelessness" on May 13 in Allentown. Contact Lauren Giguere, Co-Chair, (610) 439-5965,

The Capital Area Coalition on Homelessness presents HEARTH Act Community Discussion
Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at 9 AM in Harrisburg. Space is limited, register by May 10, 2011.

Sixth annual Indicators Report to be released at the 2011 Lackawanna & Luzerne County Indicators Forum, May 19 at Mohegan Sun Casino. The annual report tracks the region's performance on a broad array of categories, including demographics, public safety, and jobs and economy. Registration forms may be found HERE (, and more information on the event can be seen  online ( For more information, contact Shelly Harlander at

District of Columbia - (202) 275-9200***Marvin W. Turner, Field Office Director***
On May 9, the Affordable Housing Conference of Montgomery County will host its annual summit. Details may be
found online (

Charleston - (304) 347-7000***Peter C. Minter, Field Office Director***
 HUD Charleston presenting "HUD 101 - Understanding HUD's Rental Assistance Programs," May 18, 1:30 pm at the Charleston Field Office - to register contact: Evie C. Young, Senior Management Analyst,

West Virginia State FY12 Raze Mini-Grant Application Announcement - Funds will be provided through the American Lung Association of West Virginia - applications must be submitted to the American Lung Association by May 27,
2011 (contact information is below). For more information about Raze, please visit the Raze website ( For questions regarding this application, please contact: Chantal Centofanti-Fields, (304) 342-6600 or

West Virginia Food Charter Announcing Regional Roundtable Series on Local Food: April- May 2011. May 2, Panorama at the Peak restaurant, Berkeley Springs, WV; May 3: WesMonty region, 6:30-8:30pm, Phillipi: May 4- Greater Kanawha reg: Charleston, WV - For details or contacts for the regional roundtable in your area, call Savanna Lyons
at (304 673-0053 or email

Thursday, May12, 2011 - Kanawha FRN in the Charleston Room of the Schoenbaum Family Enrichment Center at
1701 Fifth Avenue in the west side of Charleston at 12 Noon. Brown bag lunch. Kelly Aftanas of FamilyCare will speak about the Connect program, which provides primary care to those who work but have not had health insurance for 6 months or more. For directions, email Michele at or call her at 414-4470.

SOAR Training - May 19-20, Charleston - Case Management for people who are homeless with severe mental health problems or who are returning to the community from institutions (jails, prisons or hospitals), accessing disability benefits is difficult, with little chance of success.The SOAR strategy helps increase access to these benefits through training, technical assistance and strategic planning. For more information contact our SOAR Case Manager, Wilsie Herlihy (


Bank of America Foundation is accepting applications until June 1 for Neighborhood Builders and Local Heroes grants - see BoA Grant Programs (

The M-A-C Foundation offering grants for supports nonprofit organizations that are providing food and nutrition or housing services to people living with HIV/AIDS. Online applications for Food and Nutrition Community Grants must be submitted by May 6, 2011. Contact:  MAC Foundation (

Newman's Own, Fisher House Foundation, and Military Times Media Group (Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times, Marine Corps Times) join together to offer grants in support of the most creative military quality of life improvement plans. Complete the online application discussing innovative ideas to improve the quality of life for military families by May 12. Contact Vickie Reeping at or 1-888-294-8560 (

Sparkplug Foundation announces "Set Something Off Seed Money" funds to launch new ideas within existing projects, that will build lasting infrastructures for projects with a focus on music, education and community organizing work. Applications due May 20, contact Sparkplug Foundation at (877) 866-8285 or (Set Something Off (

The Urban Land Institute announces new awards competition, the Robert C. Larson Workforce Housing Public Policy Awards program, to recognize innovative public policies and practices for the production, rehabilitation, or preservation of workforce housing. Application, directions for submitting, and contact information for questions are available from the Urban Land Institute. Applications are due by June 15, 2011.

The Home Depot Foundation, announces an open application cycle for its Community Impact Grants Program. Proposals for grants will be accepted April 4, 2011, through October 31, 2011. Applications must be submitted using the foundation's online application system. Home Depot Foundation (

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