HUD HOC Reference Guide

Manufactured Homes: Tags

Chapter 1
Appraisal & Property Requirements
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A. Eligibility & general requirements - Title II | B. Special state requirements | C. Age requirement
D. Foundation compliance | E. Site | F. Tags | G. Title I

F. Tags

All manufactured homes must have an affixed HUD certification label, also known as a HUD tag located on the outside of the home. If the home is a multi-wide unit, each unit must have a label. In some instances, the unit may not be sequentially numbered. Appraisers are to list the manufactured unit's label number(s) on the appraisal report.

If for any reason the labels are missing, at the time of appraisal, appraisers should either REJECT the property or notify the lender and condition the appraisal for documentation verifying HUD labels were issued to the manufactured home. In some states a manufactured home may not be re-sold if missing a label. HUD does not reissue tags for manufactured homes; however the Department can issue a letter of label (tag) verification lieu of rejecting the property. HUD will accept documentation from IBTS - Institute for Building Technology and Safety ( (Current HUD Contractor) verifying HUD labels were issued to the manufactured home if the tags are not affixed to the home at the time of appraisal. The lender is to include this documentation in the file submitted to HUD. Information regarding a request of label verification can be found at HUD's Manufactured Housing website.

Content Archived: October 25, 2012