HUD HOC Reference Guide

Manufactured Homes: Title I

Chapter 1
Appraisal & Property Requirements
Page 1-09g

A. Eligibility & general requirements - Title II | B. Special state requirements | C. Age requirement
D. Foundation compliance | E. Site | F. Tags | G. Title I

G. Title I

Title I consists of two distinct loan programs, one for property improvements and one for the purchase of Manufactured Homes and/or Lots on which the manufactured homes are to be placed. The lender, under the Uniform Commercial Code or through judicial processes, does the repossessions under this program.

For more information on the Title I programs, contact (800) CALL-FHA.

Regulations can be found in 24CFR 201. Please see HUD Handbook 4150.2, Sections 8-3 and 8-4.

Content Archived: October 25, 2012