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Guidance for Reporting CDBG Accomplishments in IDIS

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To ensure that HUD has accurate and timely information on grantee performance, the CDBG Entitlement Communities Division is issuing the following guidance for reporting accomplishment data in IDIS by CDBG Entitled Community grantees. This guidance does not always apply to other CDBG grantees. HUD requires reliable, comprehensive information regarding program performance in order to comply with the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993, fulfill reporting requirements for Congress and other stakeholders, measure progress made in meeting Business and Operating Plan goals, monitor grantee performance, and evaluate overall program results. This guidance is intended to assist grantees in providing information needed for HUD to meet these requirements.


This document contains guidance on the following subjects:

Some of the information contained in this guidance has already been presented in the IDIS Reference Manual but is repeated herein to provide grantees with a comprehensive reference on reporting CDBG accomplishments.

Content Archived: April 29, 2011

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