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We have IDIS LIVE! Newsletters from 1996 to 2003. Reading IDIS LIVE! will help you to review past changes, questions and guidance, and training opportunities. The March 2003 issue of IDIS LIVE! was the last one.

If you are interested in a particular newsletter and know the year in which it was released, click on the year (in the box at right) to peruse a list of articles for that year.

If you prefer to search for IDIS LIVE! Newsletters by title, we have compiled a master list of articles printed in the IDIS Live Newsletters. Articles are sorted in ascending order by title, starting with numbers, then followed by letters A-Z. To find a specific article, simply click on the letter below with which the title starts. You may also click on any letter below to view the listing of articles starting with that letter.

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Article Title Newsletter Issue
10 States Go Live IDIS "LIVE!" #39 May '00
101 HOME PJs still haven't contacted HUD about the Data Clean-up IDIS "LIVE!" #54 August '01
20 Reports To Test In Pseudo IDIS "LIVE!" #39 May '00
2000 Census Disability Data on Web IDIS "LIVE!" #72 March '03
2000 Census Low-Mod Income Estimates on Web IDIS "LIVE!" #72 March '03
2000 ESG Reporting Requirements IDIS "LIVE!" #45 November '00
2000 HOME Reporting Requirements IDIS "LIVE!" #45 November '00
2000 HOPWA Reporting Requirements IDIS "LIVE!" #45 November '00
2001 Allocations Now Posted To Web IDIS "LIVE!" #46 December '00
2001 CAPER Reporting IDIS "LIVE!" #60 February '02
2001 Con Plan Reporting Underway IDIS "LIVE!" #52 June '01
2003 CDBG Grants Based on 2000 Census Data IDIS "LIVE!" #66 September '02
2003 CPD Allocation Letters in the Mail IDIS "LIVE!" #72 March '03
314 HOME PJs Know Accurate Data Matters IDIS "LIVE!" #36 February '00
6.6.2a, B Emergency Releases Fix Excess Funding after an Activity is Completed IDIS "LIVE!" #62 April '02
7.1 Release Coming Feb. 21 IDIS "LIVE!" #71 February '03
Article Title Newsletter Issue
A Note for IDIS Local Administrators IDIS "LIVE!" #12 October '97
A Note from Ed Winkler IDIS "LIVE!" #18 April '98
A Special Note for CDBG Folks IDIS "LIVE!" #11 September '97
A State's Experience With The Web390 Link To IDIS IDIS "LIVE!" #44 October '00
Accessing IDIS Via The Internet - An Update IDIS "LIVE!" #20 July '98
Accomplishment Data for State CDBG Users of IDIS IDIS "LIVE!" #30 August '99
Activity Estimates in IDIS IDIS "LIVE!" #30 August '99
Adding a CHDO: A Follow-Up IDIS "LIVE!" #13 November '97
Adding Receipted Program Income to HOME Admin. Subfunds IDIS "LIVE!" #55 September '01
Additional Dates for New Users Group Meetings IDIS "LIVE!" #9 June '97
Additional Issues At the Latest IDIS IDIS "LIVE!" #2 November �96
Additional Issues At the Latest IDIS IDIS "LIVE!" #2 November �96
Adjusting the Size of the Web390 Window IDIS "LIVE!" #46 December '00
Advice on Separation of Duties and Completing Draws from the IDIS Security Administrator IDIS "LIVE!" #62 April '02
Ahead of the Curve: IDIS and Year-2000 Compliance IDIS "LIVE!" #16 February �98
Alert: Cancellation Of Old Draws IDIS "LIVE!" #32 October '99
Alert: Cancellation of Old Draws IDIS "LIVE!" #32 October '99
Alternative Ways To Get Started With EDI IDIS "LIVE!" #38 April '00
Analysis Finds CDBG Activities Missing Key Data IDIS "LIVE!" #54 August '01
Announcing The New IDIS Reference Manual Just A Click Away IDIS "LIVE!" #27 May '99
Are You A Member Of The IDIS Listserv? IDIS "LIVE!" #42 August '00
Are You Plugged in to Web390? IDIS "LIVE!" #37 March '00
Attention IDIS Hotline Callers IDIS "LIVE!" #12 October '97
Article Title Newsletter Issue
Baltimore Hosts Pilot New-User Training Workshop IDIS "LIVE!" #6 April '97
Better Data in Means better data out IDIS "LIVE!" #62 April '02
Bob Meehan Named as Acting Director of IDIS IDIS "LIVE!" #23 January '99
Article Title Newsletter Issue
C2020 Morphs into Two New Web-Based Utilities IDIS "LIVE!" #50 April '01
C2020 Software Not Compatible With Windows 2000 IDIS "LIVE!" #44 October '00
CAPER Reporting for Entitlement Grantees for Program Year 1999 IDIS "LIVE!" #32 October '99
CAPERs for 1997 and IDIS Reports IDIS "LIVE!" #20 July '98
CDBG Clean-up Coming this Fall IDIS "LIVE!" #55 September '01
CDBG ECD Answers Cleanup Questions on Presumed Benefit and ADA-Related Public Improvement Activities IDIS "LIVE!" #65 July '02
CDBG End-Of-Year Reporting Update IDIS "LIVE!" #33 November '99
CDBG Entitlement Communities Financial Summary Report Now In Production IDIS "LIVE!" #30 August '99
CDBG Financial Summary Report in Pseudo IDIS "LIVE!" #28 June '99
CDBG Float-Funded Activities in IDIS IDIS "LIVE!" #15 January '98
CDBG Matrix Code 05D Not Valid For LMA IDIS "LIVE!" #37 March '00
CDBG Matrix Code 10 Q&A IDIS "LIVE!" #34 December '99
CDBG Matrix Code Cleanup Begins IDIS "LIVE!" #60 February '02
CDBG Performance Reporting Q&A IDIS "LIVE!" #9 June '97
CDBG Program Office Provides Workaround for Completing "Canceled with Draws" Activities IDIS "LIVE!" #71 February '03
CDBG Timeliness Report Bug IDIS "LIVE!" #39 May '00
CDBG Timeliness Report Currently Unavailable IDIS "LIVE!" #45 November '00
CDBG Timeliness Report Needs Manual LOC Adjustment IDIS "LIVE!" #40 June '00
Census Bureau to Replace Long form with annual sample IDIS "LIVE!" #58 December '01
Changes Forthcoming: States and EDI IDIS "LIVE!" #13 November '97
Changes to Entitlement Training IDIS "LIVE!" #17 March '98
Changing the Activity Completion Date on MA04 IDIS "LIVE!" #62 April '02
Chicago's Users Group Meeting Largest Ever IDIS "LIVE!" #7 May '97
Clean Up of HOME Data Begins IDIS "LIVE!" #29 July '99
Close Encounters of the IDIS Kind IDIS "LIVE!" #1 October '96
Combining HOME Activities with Duplicate Addresses IDIS "LIVE!" #62 April '02
Come Visit Us in Washington IDIS "LIVE!" #11 September '97
Coming Soon: ACD IDIS "LIVE!" #16 February �98
Comments Roll in on HOME ROCS! Proposed Screen Redesigns IDIS "LIVE!" #69 December '02
Community 2020 and Low/Mod Service Areas IDIS "LIVE!" #15 January '98
Community 2020 Software IDIS "LIVE!" #12 October '97
Community 2020 Update IDIS "LIVE!" #40 June '00
Complete SF1 data are available on the Census Bureau's web site IDIS "LIVE!" #56 October '01
Completed Your HOPWA Data Cleanup? IDIS "LIVE!" #63 May '02
Connect to IDIS with Internet Explorer or Netscape IDIS "LIVE!" #51 May '01
Consolidated Annual Performance And Evaluation Reporting For Entitlement Grantees For Program Year 2000 IDIS "LIVE!" #45 November '00
Cookie Questions IDIS "LIVE!" #31 September '99
Correction IDIS "LIVE!" #12 October '97
Correction IDIS "LIVE!" #11 September '97
COSCDA Acknowledges That CPD Has Made IDIS "Ready" for States IDIS "LIVE!" #35 January '00
CPD Activity Funding Clean-Up Finds 150 Suspect Grants and Subgrants IDIS "LIVE!" #38 April '00
CPD and IT Evaluate Over 200 User Requests for Fixes and Enhancements IDIS "LIVE!" #45 November '00
CPD Plan Calls for States To Go Live in IDIS by May, 2000 IDIS "LIVE!" #35 January '00
CPD Responds to Enhancement Requests IDIS "LIVE!" #41 July '00
CPD SF1 Census Data Extract May Help to Prepare Con Plan IDIS "LIVE!" #56 October '01
CPD To State Offices: �Training Ready When You Are� IDIS "LIVE!" #30 August '99
Article Title Newsletter Issue
Danville Hosts Virginia Grantee IDIS "LIVE!" #9 June '97
Departmental Grants System IDIS "LIVE!" #23 January '99
Deputy Assistant Secretary Bregon announces kick off of three-part CDBG Data Improvement Initiative IDIS "LIVE!" #59 January '02
Determining Commitment and CHDO Reservation Totals IDIS "LIVE!" #63 May '02
DGMS Grant Program Inventory on HUD web IDIS "LIVE!" #49 March '01
DGMS Project on hold IDIS "LIVE!" #60 February '02
DGMS Rollout Delayed IDIS "LIVE!" #41 July '00
DGMS Rollout Delayed IDIS "LIVE!" #40 June '00
DGMS: Absorbing IDIS in 2001 IDIS "LIVE!" #27 May '99
Directory of IDIS Users IDIS "LIVE!" #5 March '97
Directory of IDIS Users IDIS "LIVE!" #4 February '97
Directory of IDIS Users IDIS "LIVE!" #3 January �97
Do You Still Need LOCCS Access After Converting To IDIS? IDIS "LIVE!" #42 August '00
Does The TAU Know If Your HOME Data Clean Up Is Completed? IDIS "LIVE!" #33 November '99
Downloading IDIS Files from the Internet IDIS "LIVE!" #6 April '97
Downloading Reports with Web390 Software IDIS "LIVE!" #33 November '99
Article Title Newsletter Issue
EDI Live Update IDIS "LIVE!" #43 September '00
EDI Phase One: True Implications IDIS "LIVE!" #26 April '99
EDI Phase Two: Update IDIS "LIVE!" #27 May '99
EDI Pilot Program Heads Toward Phase I IDIS "LIVE!" #21 September '98
EDI Y2k Compliant IDIS "LIVE!" #34 December '99
EDI: Phase I Functioning in Louisiana IDIS "LIVE!" #25 March '99
Effective December 14, the same person cannot create and approve a draw IDIS "LIVE!" #57 November '01
Electronic PER Submission Means Easier State CDBG Data Conversion IDIS "LIVE!" #30 August '99
Enhanced Drawdown Process IDIS "LIVE!" #21 September '98
Entitlement Grantee Training Continues, Don't Miss Out! IDIS "LIVE!" #41 July '00
Entitlement Grantee Training Continues, Don't Miss Out! IDIS "LIVE!" #39 May '00
Entitlement Grantee Training Continues, Don't Miss Out! IDIS "LIVE!" #38 April '00
Entitlement Grantee Training Continues, Don't Miss Out! IDIS "LIVE!" #37 March '00
Entitlement Grantee Training Continues, Don't Miss Out! IDIS "LIVE!" #36 February '00
Entitlement Grantee Training Continues, Don't Miss Out! IDIS "LIVE!" #35 January '00
Entitlement Training IDIS "LIVE!" #33 November '99
ESG Project & Activity Structure IDIS "LIVE!" #53 July '01
ESRI, Inc. Mails Arcview Software To C2020 Users IDIS "LIVE!" #52 June '01
Exclusively "LIVE!" IDIS "LIVE!" #1 October '96
Extended TAU Hours to Assist with Web390 Setup IDIS "LIVE!" #43 September '00
Extra Web390 and IDIS Support Available IDIS "LIVE!" #44 October '00


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