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Article Title Newsletter Issue
Unidentified HOME Funds IDIS "LIVE!" #18 April '98
Upcoming News Items & Events IDIS "LIVE!" #2 November �96
Upcoming News Items & Events IDIS "LIVE!" #1 October '96
Upcoming News Items & Events IDIS "LIVE!" #10 July '97
Upcoming News Items & Events IDIS "LIVE!" #8 June '97
Upcoming News Items & Events IDIS "LIVE!" #7 May '97
Upcoming News Items & Events IDIS "LIVE!" #6 April '97
Upcoming News Items & Events IDIS "LIVE!" #5 March '97
Upcoming News Items & Events IDIS "LIVE!" #4 February '97
Upcoming News Items & Events IDIS "LIVE!" #3 January �97
Update: State Of Louisiana's Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Process IDIS "LIVE!" #22 November '98
Useful Information For Mt. Vernon Meeting IDIS "LIVE!" #7 May '97
User Group Meeting "Run Down" IDIS "LIVE!" #10 July '97
User Group Meeting Schedule for 1998 IDIS "LIVE!" #15 January '98
Users are Making the Connection IDIS "LIVE!" #4 February '97
Users Flock to Fort Myers IDIS "LIVE!" #14 December '97
Users' Group Meeting IDIS "LIVE!" #2 November �96
Users Hurry to Hartford IDIS "LIVE!" #13 November '97
Using IDIS to Manage HUD/CPD Grantees IDIS "LIVE!" #18 April '98
Article Title Newsletter Issue
Ver. 6.8 Enforces Rule That Only Gov't Entity Can Set Up and Modify CDBG Activities IDIS "LIVE!" #65 July '02
Ver. 6.9 Updates HOPWA Path, Enhances Report IDIS "LIVE!" #67 October '02
Ver. 7.0 Release Updates IDIS Screens & Reports for New Race/Ethnicity Classifications IDIS "LIVE!" #69 December '02
Version 5.9 Release Notes IDIS "LIVE!" #44 October '00
Version 6.3.1 Provides User-Requested Fixes IDIS "LIVE!" #53 July '01
Version 6.5 Release Notes IDIS "LIVE!" #58 December '01
Version 6.6 Presents Updated HOME and CDBG Reports IDIS "LIVE!" #61 March '02
Version 6.6 Release Notes IDIS "LIVE!" #61 March '02
Version 6.6.2, 6.6.2a, 6.6.2b Release Notes IDIS "LIVE!" #62 April '02
Version 6.7 Biggest Release in Two Years IDIS "LIVE!" #63 May '02
Voucher Backlog and the �Pending� Status IDIS "LIVE!" #17 March '98
Article Title Newsletter Issue
Watch For a �Thank-You� E-Mail from OAHP in February IDIS "LIVE!" #60 February '02
Watch for New HOME Setup and Completion Forms IDIS "LIVE!" #68 November '02
Watch for New HOME Setup and Completion Forms IDIS "LIVE!" #69 December '02
Watch the IDIS Web Page. New HOPWA Data Reports Coming in March IDIS "LIVE!" #61 March '02
We Goofed! TBRA Activities Do Not Require a Site Address/Location on the MA01 Setup Screen IDIS "LIVE!" #61 March '02
Web390: Update IDIS "LIVE!" #32 October '99
Web Access Using Internet Explorer Update IDIS "LIVE!" #47 January '01
Web390 Access Questions IDIS "LIVE!" #31 September '99
Web390 Quick Reference Now Available IDIS "LIVE!" #39 May '00
Web390 Quick Reference Now Available IDIS "LIVE!" #38 April '00
Web390 Requirements IDIS "LIVE!" #40 June '00
Web390 Triples Its Capacity IDIS "LIVE!" #41 July '00
What to Do When Web390 Hangs IDIS "LIVE!" #45 November '00
What You Need For Internet Access IDIS "LIVE!" #43 September '00
What's My UOG Code? IDIS "LIVE!" #22 November '98
What's an IDIS Local Administrator? IDIS "LIVE!" #7 May '97
When Your Region Is Busy, Click On A Different Region For Quick IDIS Access IDIS "LIVE!" #44 October '00
Why Web390 Users May Have Seen Other's Data IDIS "LIVE!" #40 June '00
Article Title Newsletter Issue


Article Title Newsletter Issue
Y2K Compliance Memo IDIS "LIVE!" #22 November '98
Y2K Update: Continuity Contingency Plan IDIS "LIVE!" #27 May '99
Year 2000 Compliance IDIS "LIVE!" #22 November '98
Year-End Reporting Using IDIS IDIS "LIVE!" #14 December '97
You Have Questions? We Have Answers IDIS "LIVE!" #11 September '97
Your FHEO & PF&R Contacts for Race/Ethnicity Questions IDIS "LIVE!" #70 January '03
Article Title Newsletter Issue



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