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IDIS "LIVE!" by Year

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Article Title Newsletter Issue
Made in IDIS IDIS "LIVE!" #2 November �96
Making It Through The "Eye" -D.I.S. of the Storm IDIS "LIVE!" #3 January �97
Making the Most of IDIS IDIS "LIVE!" #22 November '98
March Madness Crowns 11 New IDIS State Champs IDIS "LIVE!" #38 April '00
Mixed Use For States in IDIS IDIS "LIVE!" #27 May '99
More HOME Q&A IDIS "LIVE!" #10 July '97
More HOME Q&A IDIS "LIVE!" #9 June '97
More HOME Q&A IDIS "LIVE!" #8 June '97
More on IDIS Reports IDIS "LIVE!" #9 June '97
Mount Vernon, NY User's Group Meeting IDIS "LIVE!" #8 June '97
Article Title Newsletter Issue
National Objectives Must Correspond To Matrix Codes IDIS "LIVE!" #37 March '00
National Objectives Must Correspond To Matrix Codes IDIS "LIVE!" #34 December '99
National Objectives Must Correspond To Matrix Codes IDIS "LIVE!" #33 November '99
National Users Group Meetings IDIS "LIVE!" #20 July '98
Nebraska Stakes Claim as No. 2 EDI State IDIS "LIVE!" #38 April '00
New 2001 ESG Project And Activity Setup Procedures IDIS "LIVE!" #52 June '01
New Categories for Racial/Ethnic Data Coming this December IDIS "LIVE!" #67 October '02
New HOME Activity Completion Requirements IDIS "LIVE!" #32 October '99
New HOME Data Analysis Coming Soon IDIS "LIVE!" #49 March '01
New HOPWA Matrix Codes IDIS "LIVE!" #40 June '00
New IDIS Option For Four Receipt Type Funds IDIS "LIVE!" #32 October '99
New IDIS Plus Training For Advanced Users IDIS "LIVE!" #45 November '00
New IDIS Releases Planned For December, February, April IDIS "LIVE!" #45 November '00
New IDIS Reports Guide Now Available on the IDIS Web Page IDIS "LIVE!" #44 October '00
New Matrix Code 19H for State Tech Assistance IDIS "LIVE!" #39 May '00
New Receipts Processing Options IDIS "LIVE!" #35 January '00
New Reference Manual Now Easier To Download IDIS "LIVE!" #28 June '99
New Report Changes IDIS "LIVE!" #40 June '00
New Report Download Capability Coming IDIS "LIVE!" #19 May '98
New Report Features To Select Output IDIS "LIVE!" #33 November '99
New Reporting Capabilities in the Works IDIS "LIVE!" #11 September '97
New Reports Assist CDBG Grantees In "Timely" Draws IDIS "LIVE!" #38 April '00
New Reports to Release July 5 IDIS "LIVE!" #41 July '00
New SDED Director Appointed IDIS "LIVE!" #40 June '00
New Separation Of Duties For Draws/Draw Approvals IDIS "LIVE!" #32 October '99
New TAU Hours Starting in June IDIS "LIVE!" #39 May '00
New Training Sessions Added for States IDIS "LIVE!" #42 August '00
New Training Sessions Added For States, Entitlement Training Continues IDIS "LIVE!" #44 October '00
New Web-Based Forms for Action Plan and Con Plan in Development IDIS "LIVE!" #55 September '01
New York City Now Live! IDIS "LIVE!" #20 July '98
New York State Wins Explorer Award for its Affordable Housing Directory IDIS "LIVE!" #58 December '01
Newark Holds National Users Group Meeting IDIS "LIVE!" #19 May '98
No More Quarterly Financial Status Reports IDIS "LIVE!" #50 April '01
Non-Stop Discussion At First Users' IDIS "LIVE!" #2 November �96
Northern Exposure To IDIS IDIS "LIVE!" #21 September '98
NT Users Must Select Reports With A Capital �X� IDIS "LIVE!" #37 March '00
Article Title Newsletter Issue
OAHP HOME Data Clean-Up Ends IDIS "LIVE!" #42 August '00
OIG audit questions why State are receipting and disbursing too little PI IDIS "LIVE!" #48 February '01
Oops! Status Of HOME Grants Report (PR27) Is Not Properly Calculating Total Commitments And CHDO Reservations IDIS "LIVE!" #63 May '02
Oops! Here's the Correct Info on Presumed benefit IDIS "LIVE!" #60 February '02
Open Communication With The �Hotline� IDIS "LIVE!" #21 September '98
Open Voucher = No Money IDIS "LIVE!" #16 February �98
Our Apologies To These Completed PJs IDIS "LIVE!" #54 August '01
Over 50% of Grantees now Live IDIS "LIVE!" #10 July '97
Article Title Newsletter Issue
Phase 2 PI Enhancements Available in Pseudo Early July IDIS "LIVE!" #41 July '00
Philadelphia Hosts Biggest Meeting Ever IDIS "LIVE!" #6 April '97
PJs Not Complete Who Have Contacted HUD IDIS "LIVE!" #54 August '01
PJs That Have Not Contacted The Data Clean-Up Team IDIS "LIVE!" #54 August '01
PJs That Reported Their Review Complete IDIS "LIVE!" #54 August '01
Plans for IDIS Web Site IDIS "LIVE!" #27 May '99
Power Tips IDIS "LIVE!" #2 November �96
Power Tips IDIS "LIVE!" #6 April '97
Power Tips To Keep You Moving Along in IDIS IDIS "LIVE!" #5 March '97
PowerTips IDIS "LIVE!" #3 January �97
Preparing State HOME Grantees for IDIS Conversions IDIS "LIVE!" #30 August '99
Preview of 6.7 Release IDIS "LIVE!" #62 April '02
Process To Change Activity Status Updated IDIS "LIVE!" #33 November '99
Program Income Enhancements Continue IDIS "LIVE!" #40 June '00
Program Income Must Be Drawn Before En Funds IDIS "LIVE!" #36 February '00
Pseudo Alert IDIS "LIVE!" #25 March '99
Pseudo Region Release Notes V.4.3p1 Summary IDIS "LIVE!" #25 March '99
Pseudo Release Notes V.4.5p1: Summary IDIS "LIVE!" #27 May '99
Pseudo Usage Statistics IDIS "LIVE!" #28 June '99
Article Title Newsletter Issue
Quick Response Team Available for Web390 Support from October 2-13 IDIS "LIVE!" #44 October '00

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