Physical Assessment Subsystem (PASS)
Reverse Auction Program (RAP)

The PIH-REAC Reverse Auction Program (RAP) involves a process of securing property inspection services for HUD-assisted housing. An auction is conducted with the use of a reverse auction vendor website and allows participants to bid down, as opposed to the traditional auction which requires submitting sequentially higher bids. An award is made to an eligible contractor with the lowest bid at the close of the auction. The contractor then schedules and performs the property inspections in accordance with Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) protocol.


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Requirements for Participating in an Auction
To remain in good standing, a RAP contractor must:
  • Have no outstanding billing issues;
  • Have no open past due inspections;
  • Schedule inspections for auctions by the due date;
  • Be in compliance with confirmation emails for properly scheduled inspections;
  • Have no Termination for Default actions in recent auctions or be prohibited from participating in auctions.
Violating any of the above requirements may result in a penalty and ineligibility to participate in the next five (5) auctions.

Getting Started

RAP Contractors

To reduce wait times when contacting the Technical Assistance Center (TAC), email the TAC at to obtain a TAC number when on-site at the property. The subject line of the message must show:
  • Inspection ID
  • Auction number
  • Brief reason for the email. For example ID#55555/A-555/Prop Profile Change.

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