HUD HOC Reference Guide

Hazards & Nuisances: Airports

Chapter 1
Appraisal & Property Requirements
Page 1-18a

1. Airport Noise: Properties are not to be rejected solely because of airport influences (noise) if there is evidence of acceptance in the market and if use of the dwellings is expected to continue. Special consideration should be given to determine if there is indication that adverse changes in market attitude are taking place in the area.

2. Hazards: Runway Clear Zones (aka Runway Protection Zones) at Civil Airports or Clear Zones or Accident Potential Zone I at Military Airfields.

  • Special notification is required for all cases involving FHA insurance for the purchase of an existing property in a Runway Clear Zone or Clear Zone. The buyer must be notified that the property is in a Runway Clear Zone or Clear Zone, what the implications of such a location are, and that there is a possibility that the airport operator may at a later date, acquire the property. The buyer must sign a statement acknowledging receipt of this information. ( 24 CFR 51.303(a)(3)). This notification must be provided to the prospective purchaser at the time the loan application is initiated.
  • Properties located in Accident Potential Zone I at military airfields may be eligible. Buyers of such properties are to be provided with the same notification as those purchasing an existing property in a Runway Clear Zone; see above.

Content Archived: October 25, 2012