HUD HOC Reference Guide

Hazards & Nuisances: Lead Based Paint

Chapter 1
Appraisal & Property Requirements
Page 1-18d

1. General Requirements - For all properties built before January 1, 1978, the appraiser must inspect ALL interior and exterior surfaces, such as walls, stairs, deck, porch, railing, eaves, windows, doors, fences, detached garages and other outbuildings and appurtenant structures for defective paint surfaces (i.e. chipping, peeling or flaking paint) and report defective conditions in the appraisal report.

2. For condominium units, the appraiser needs to inspect the interior of the unit and exterior surfaces and appurtenant structures of the specific unit being appraised.

3. Refinances with an appraisal are also subject to this inspection and abatement procedure.

Please see: HUD Handbook 4150.2 Section 3-6A.17, 4000.2 Rev-3 Section 2-6, Mortgagee Letter 96-67 and Mortgagee Letter 00-01. Also please visit HUD's Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control for further information on lead based paint hazards.

Content Archived: October 25, 2012