Office of Native American Programs

For a detailed explanation of how to fill out all data fields for recipients of all ONAP Recovery Act programs, see our tip sheet.

To see an example of how recipients should report information to, please view the appropriate mock data template:

  • Native American Community Development Block Grants
  • Native American Housing Block Grants - Competitive
  • Native American Housing Block Grants - Formula
  • Native Hawaiian Housing Block Grants

For technical questions about, please visit the Help Desk (

To reset your RAMPS password, contact the HITS National Help Desk at 1-888-297-8689. Select Option 9. Request password reset. Provide the last 5 digits of your SSN, or your 5-digit verification PIN when requested. Your password will then be reset and/or a new password will be provided.

For all other Recovery Act reporting questions, please contact CDBG's Recovery Act Reporting Call Center at 1-800-998-9999. The call center is available 8:30am to 5:30pm EDT, Monday to Friday.


Program-Specific Support Information


Content Archived: April 4, 2017