FY 2004 SuperNOFA

(Notice of Funds Availability)

2004 SuperNOFA

ALL Application materials are included in the published NOFA. You may order SuperNOFA Applications and broadcast tapes by calling the SuperNOFA Information Center at 1-800-HUD-8929 or for the hearing impaired the phone number is 1-800-HUD-2209. The SuperNOFA tapes are available in English and Spanish. You may also order on line copies of the application by clicking on Order on Line under each program you are seeking funding.

General Information about Grants: The Super Notice of Funding Availability (SuperNOFA) tells you what funds are available and how to apply.

Grants Available under the 2004 SuperNOFA: HUD has consolidated most of its grants into one SuperNOFA. Please note that each grant has its own application process and its own deadline. Requirements for all programs are identified in the general section and program specific requirements are in the program sections of the SuperNOFA. Please make sure that you read BOTH parts. Under each program covered by the SuperNOFA, there is no separate bound application kit. All standards forms are listed in the general section and program specific forms are in the individual program NOFAs. Each web page contains a list of the required forms. For training you can link to the "webcast" of the training programs associated with each NOFA. If you have any questions about the SuperNOFA, in general, please feel free to contact us via email or you can call the SuperNOFA Information Center at 1-800-HUD-8929 or for the Hearing Impaired the number is 1-800-HUD-2209. Technical assistance questions should be addressed to the contact person listed in the SuperNOFA.

Important Information Related to the SuperNOFA

  • SuperNOFA Forms
  • Department of Education Minority Institutions (www.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/edlite-minorityinst-as-vi.html)
  • Broadcast Schedule
  • View a Webcast
  • Funding Charts
  • E-maps
  • Questions/Comments: Dorthera_M._Yorkshire@hud.gov
  • OMB Circulars (www.whitehouse.gov/omb)
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