CPMP User Manual

Consolidated Plan Narratives
The following narratives are formatted in accordance with current regulatory requirements, including the new ESG amendments, to assist grantees in meeting Consolidated Planning requirements:
Strategic Plan | Action Plan

NOTE: The narratives in Version 2 of the CPMP Tool do not incorporate changes made by the Interim Emergency Solutions Rule that became effective on January 4, 2012.

Contact Us
If you need help using the CPMP, or have a suggestion on how to make the CPMP more useful, send us an email to cpmp@hud.gov. If the tool is working, let us know that too. Your feedback is important to the success of this tool!

CPMP User Manual

This CPMP User Manual has been created to provide instruction on using the CPMP tool. You will be shown how to navigate to the different parts of the tool and use it to create Consolidated Plan material submissions. The manual, like the tool itself, is divided into the steps you need to follow.

CPMP Navigation

To navigate the CPMP, links and buttons have been created. Since at times, you are taken to another worksheet or document, you may also click the "Back Arrow" button on your toolbar to return to the document you came from.

Example Link

Clickable Links. Blue underlined text indicates a link. You may be taken to another place in the document, or another document completely.

Example CPMP Button

Custom Buttons. Clicking on buttons will also take you to another place in the document, or another document completely.

Microsoft Back Button

Microsoft Back Button. You need to have your "Web" toolbar displayed in order to see the Back button. Both MS Excel and MS Word have Back Arrows on their Web Toolbars.


Content Archived: May 9, 2012