California Newsletters

A collection of newsletters published by offices within California. A newsletter for Region IX (Arizona, California, Nevada, Hawaii and Pacific) was also published for a short time in 2008-2009 before being replaced by an email list. Newsletters are available in a mix of HTML and PDF formats and are noted accordingly.

Office of Multifamily Housing

Multifamiliar -- A newsletter from the Los Angeles Multifamily Hub Office

Pacific Currents -- A newsletter from the San Francisco Multifamily Hub Office
(Only available in PDF format)

Office of Public Housing

Newsletters from the San Francisco Office of Public Housing
  • Spring 2014 PDF
  • Fall 2014 PDF

Newsletters from the Los Angeles Office of Public Housing
  • October 2006 PDF
  • November 2006 PDF
  • January 2007 PDF
  • March 2007 PDF
  • September 2007 PDF
  • November 2007 PDF
  • March 2008 PDF
  • December 2008 PDF
  • March 2009 PDF
  • June 2009 HTML
  • September 2009 HTML
  • December 2009 HTML | PDF

Region IX HUDLines

A newsletter from the San Francisco Regional Office, featuring news and exciting information about Arizona, California, Hawaii and Nevada's housing and community development efforts.
Content Archived: July 19, 2016