HOME Model Program Guides

Copies of Model Programs are available through Community Connections (http://www.comcon.org/).

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CHDO Survivor Kit
January 2007


Establishing and Managing a Successful HOME Consortium
September 2006


Fair Housing for HOME Program Participants
May 2005

Technical Guide for Determining Income and Allowances for the HOME Program
HUD 1780-CPD
Supercedes HUD 1780-CPD (June 1999)
January 2005


CHDO Toolbox for HOME PJs
July 2004

HOME and Neighborhoods: A Guide to Comprehensive Revitalization Techniques
April 2004

Fitting the Pieces Together: Using Private and Public Financing Tools with HOME-Assisted Homebuyer Programs
February 2004

Good Habits of a Highly Effective Rehabilitation Manager
January 2004

Mixed Income Housing and the HOME Program
January 2004

HOME Program Rehabilitation Tune-up
January 2004

Measuring Up: Productivity and Performance in the HOME Program
January 2004


Monitoring HOME Program Performance
HUD 2030-CPD
October 2000

Employer-Assisted Housing and the HOME Program
HUD 2019-CPD
May 2000

Asset Management: Strategies for the Successful Operation of Affordable Rental Housing
HUD 2018-CPD
May 2000

Financing Rental Housing Under the HOME Program: Second Edition
HUD 1794-CPD
Supercedes HUD 1414-CPD (September 1994)
January 2000


Using HOME to Develop a Homebuyer Assistance Program
HUD 1782-CPD
Supercedes HUD 1440-CPD (December 1993)
June 1999

Homeownership Options Under the HOME Program: A Model for Publicly Held Properties and Land Trusts
HUD 1781-CPD
Supercedes HUD 1414-CPD (August 1993)
June 1999

Technical Guide for Determining Income and Allowances for the HOME Program
HUD 1780-CPD
Supercedes HUD 1470-CPD (May 1994)
June 1999


Using HOME with Low-Income Housing Tax Credits
November 1998 (Revised)

The HOME Program: An Introductory Guide to HOME
HUD 1747-CPD
Supercedes HUD 1335-CPD (June 1995)
October 1998

The HOME Program: What Are Your Community's Most Urgent Affordable Housing Needs?
HUD 1746-CPD
October 1998


Using HOME Funds for Homebuyer Programs: Structuring Recapture and Resale Provisions
HUD 1674-CPD
May 1997

Tenant Based Rental Assistance: A HOME Program Model
HUD 1658-CPD
January 1997


Rental Housing Development and HOME: Four Case Studies
HUD 1584-CPD
April 1996

Building Public-Private Partnerships to Develop Affordable Housing
HUD 1583-CPD
May 1996


Financing Rental Housing Under the HOME Program
HUD 1414-CPD
September 1994

Energy Conservation and Housing Rehabilitation Under the HOME Program
HUD 1469-CPD
May 1994


Using HOME to Develop a First-Time Homebuyer Program
December 1993

Sweat Equity and the HOME Program
HUD 1425-CPD
October 1993

HOME Repair/Modification Programs for Elderly Homeowners
HUD 1408-CPD
August 1993

First-Time Homebuyers and the HOME Program: Using the HOME Investment Partnership Program
HUD 1369-CPD
March 1993

Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation - A Direct Loan Model
HUD 1386-CPD
January 1993

From Rental Rehabilitation to the HOME Program - Making the Transition
HUD 1370-CPD
January 1993

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